The Scary-Go-Round

Have you ever watched a series on Netflix? You get to the end of the season, roll your weary, bloodshot eyes and say out loud, “it is ridiculous to have to wait a whole year for the next season!”

I feel like I have made you wait….  about the time you thought it was time for the next post, there wasn’t one…

While you were waiting on a new post, this blog was celebrating its first year of publication!

Thanks to you – each one of you!

I appreciate that together we have shared some of life’s crazy experiences, unique projects, and inspirations.  The best is sharing the gift of laughter.

Recently I was invited to a three-day writer’s retreat in the Ozarks, (speaking of a good series, Ozark was really good). I met some amazing ladies who helped me discover that I have a lot more to learn about writing, about blogging, and about life.

I can’t wait to put my new writing skills to work and share what we have done and what changes are taking place here at the Lodge…

The excitement is killing me!!!!

I will give you one hint – but just one:

“Baaaaa….”  there, that’s it…  no more clues.


In the spirit of Halloween – let’s talk about our Scary-Go-Round.

Every year we put up our dancing ghosts.

And every year the wind gusts and breaks a stick or two – leaving a hillside of broken “bones” and less than spooky ghosts in a heap, in need of repairs.

Until this year…

Sir Lots-a-Wit had a solution to all those spineless ghosts.

He came up with the brilliant idea of working with the wind instead of against it.

I think this has been his secret to getting along with me all these years!

Just work with it, not against it!!  –  “It” being me.


He quickly built a crude (very crude) wooden framed merry-go-round.

Setting it up on a ball bearing metal plate that spins – much like a lazy susan. Then he attached each ghost to a spoke on the merry go round wheel, and there you have his latest invention…


A Scary-Go-Round!

The more the wind gusts – the faster they spin!

He even added solar lights so we could watch the spinning at night.

Another job well done.


Alright, alright…

I can’t stand it another minute…


We are getting Sheeeeeep!!


Wow…  I sure blurted that out!


Now, back to the ghosts and the Scary-Go-Round….

Regular ghosts are so easy to make and are such an adorable yard decoration for Halloween.

Materials needed:

4 twin size flat sheets – I got ours at WalMart – about $5 each

4 round styrofoam heads

4 sticks – I used 2×2 boards about 4 or 5 ft tall

4 dowel rod pcs about 6 inches long each

Instructions –

Hammer sticks into ground about a foot

drill hole in the top of each stick about 3 inches deep

stick the dowel into the hole on top of the stick and shove styrofoam ball onto dowel and stick

cover styrofoam with the flat sheet and secure sheet by tying string at the base of styrofoam head

when ghosts are made – tie sheet corner pieces together as if they are holding hands.

*Scary-Go-Round built separately.


Thank you so much for reading.

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  1. Mary "Jones"

    You two NEVER cease to amaze me!!! “Can’t wait” (hopefully it won’t be the next ‘season’) to hear about the SHEEP too… 🙂


      Mary “Jones” – Thank you for sharing my excitement for all we do around here. You guys need to come back for another weekend soon. There is a big old catfish in the gulch with Steve’s name on it!!!


      Katie!!!! My excitement is boiling over for the sheep I do not yet own!! There are still lots of things to get done in preparation – like fencing and a barn… but we are getting there!!


      Good idea Maddy – In the last photo the wind was spinning them, you can see the ghostly sheets waving in the wind. But you are right, a video would have been cool.

  2. Mary Kay

    Laughing out loud at your “work with it, not against it” comment!!
    Love the ghosts and I can’t wait to meet the sheep 😊 There’s always something exciting going on at Lost Mule Lodge!


      Mary Kay – I think I heard you laughing! The sheep will be exciting, but the fencing and barn building not so much!

  3. D Jane Bartlett

    One of my biggest surprises was visiting friends sheep lot to discover those beautiful, soft,adorable woolies just plain stink. Still appreciate their contribution to life, but I do remember how odoriferous they arel. Just how far from the lodge itself will Baa Baa and friends be living? Just asking…


      Hello Jane – Thank you for the heads up! We will be getting Hair Sheep, not the woolies but stink is stink and all farm animals smell. Right now we are building a portable sheep shed with 2 stalls. This will move with the sheep as they rotate pastures. However, we do have plans for a Barn for them that is closer to the house, but away from the prevailing winds.
      You are very kind to think of this and I do appreciate the heads up. It would be awful to have to keep the house closed up due to farm odors for sure.
      Thank you so much for reading my little blog – I so appreciate you!

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