My Happy Place – The Sunroom

This is where I read.

This is where I wait.

This is where I sew.

Just kidding…

I can’t sew.

After my morning chores, I was waiting for a phone call from a friend and decided to scroll Facebook.

I loved seeing all the photos of friends traveling near and far for summer vacations.

Everyone was having such a fabulous time.  I felt a bit sad…  a self-pity kind of sad.

Sad that we weren’t taking a summer vacation.

I topped off my coffee and took my usual seat in the sunroom.

I always sit in what is called “the gunfighter’s seat”.  The one in the corner – where I can see the doors and windows.

Not for the same reason as Wyatt Earp, but because of the view.

So I can catch the morning sky turn that glorious shade of red as the sun casts its crown on the trees in the east.

The windows and doors are wide open – bringing the outdoors in.

I scrolled some more and saw where some vacationer got bit by a shark in knee deep water.

I felt myself feeling less sad, actually becoming happier. My pity parties never last long.

I mean, I was sad that someone got bit, he was lucky it was such a small shark.

But now, less sad that we stayed home all summer.

Mother Nature’s symphony was streaming through the open windows like stereo. There is no better music.

The crowing of the neighboring rooster and the cows across the road are the melody to the chorus of the birds, the water and the wind rattling the leaves in the trees.

All in majestic harmony.

Any sadness or anger seems to dissipate through these open windows.

I want to invite you into this room so you could feel it too.

Leave the chaos at the door. Just be in the moment and soak it all in.

The sconce lighting emits a soft glow in the hours before sunrise.

Above me is the car siding the Amish introduced to us. We have since learned that it is also called “Ship Lap” – made famous by Chip and Joanna Gaines on “Fixer Upper”.

The wicker adds to the outdoorsy & relaxed feel.

You can read my post about these wicker chairs going from hot pink to brown here:

Shabby Cheek Wicker Chairs

You read that right…  it is not a typo – go ahead check it out. It is hilarious.

That Sunburst on the wall is a little different than most because it represents my favorite element, the wind.

Not another person, house or yard is in sight.

All we see is nature.

Every window.

Every season.

Nature abounds.

The simplicity of this room is what makes it so easy, so relaxing.

There are so few things.

The clutter in my head clears to make room for the planning of the new day.

The next time you find yourself scrolling Facebook and feeling a bit left out, just look at the wonderful world around you.

The morning sky, a birds song, the smiling face of a loved one.

It’s there, we just need to slow down and let it soak in for a moment.

I feel blessed that we are at a place in our lives were a vacation sounds good – for an instant.

Then I look around and think, I am not sure any vacation would improve on what is right here.


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  1. Vicki Norris

    If you need to get away, you can always come here. I sometimes just walk around my yard and enjoy the sunshine. I love your home because it is designed for people that are solar powered, like us!


      Hey Vicki – Solar Powered, I love it! And so true. Your backyard is an OASIS! And your concrete pond water is so crystal clear!!!
      I always appreciate you!

  2. Hi Teresa – thank you for the lovely, soothing, thoughtful post…this summer was tough for me/for us with no vacation adventure…getting our daughter well is the focus and priority…so we stopped and looked around and were immensely thankful for all that we had and all that we are doing together. 🙂


    Good to hear from you Jeanne – Many times the blessings are right in front of us. I see you have 2 wonderful little blessings right at your side. Sounds like your family is doing exactly what it needs to do.
    Thank you so much for reading.


      Me too Mary Kay – And “I” did get a vacation this summer. Thanks to your invitation to Ashville. It was awesome! I am so grateful to the Hubs for staying home and keeping my pets (chickens included) and plants alive!

  4. Steve Jones

    Teresa/George, thank you so much for the hospitality and your open door policy for our recent visit. I haven’t commented till now but not for lack of inspiration. From the gentle breeze blowing thru the open doors and windows to the persistent persuasion of the hummingbirds to move out of the way of the feeder to even the fish biting, while the Mule may have been lost, Tranquility, Friendship and Happiness can be found quite easily.


      Wow Steve – You really have a way with words… You should write! You guys were fabulous guests – we loved having you. We welcome you back anytime.

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