“Like a Band of Gypsies We Go Down the Highway”


It all started when my good friend texted me this message –

“Hey, you wanna take a road trip to Ashville, North Carolina?”

It was out of the blue, but I knew she was serious.  That is just how she is,  spontaneous or as I call it “flying by the seat of her pants.”

Whatever you call it – it makes for a great vacation.  She would see a billboard for Antiques – and I would brace myself for her jeep to make a quick exit!

A few of our little side excursions proved to be worthwhile and others just brought laughter…  let’s just say those billboards would be better if they included some directions telling you where to go once you are at the bottom of the exit ramp.

A couple of times after we made the exit, we could be found wandering various streets craning our necks in search of anything that even vaguely resembled an antique.  If anyone was really watching they would see us circling back the other direction in search of the elusive shop.

One would think the “World’s Largest Antique Mall” would be easier to find.

You know you are in the company of a good friend when you are crooning with Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”.   The fact that you don’t know the lyrics is not an excuse to lower your volume.

We stayed at the absolute most awesome of all awesome places…

The Wren’s Nest

– located in Arden and just a short 15-minute drive to everything we wanted to see and do.

We highly recommend it – you can find it on VRBO.

Each morning we would look forward to coffee on our private deck.   Listening to the songbirds and getting to witness the first rays of the day burn through the morning mountain mist was pure joy.

We were filled with inspiration from the rustic mountain laurel railings to the decorative pillows, it was simply amazing.

Before any future trips, I will be checking the VRBO site.


Biltmore Estate

…The Vanderbilt’s built an incredible home that comes to life as you visit each room.

It is hard to imagine this was a home for a family of three. Plus all the workers and the family dog.

It reminded us of Downton Abby.  We could picture Mrs. Patmore barking out orders in the downstairs kitchen with the copper pots clanging.

After I loaded up with Dramamine we drove the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I felt the peaceful essence of the Smoky Mountains.

There is a good reason it is called America’s favorite drive.


There is an ease and comfort when spending time with a good friend.  When being silent does not feel awkward.

When laughing until you snort makes you both laugh harder.  When picking where to eat is not a chore.

You know it was a good vacation when 3 days later you are still in zen mode.


I am so grateful to live in America where a couple of girls…  chickswomen… grandmothersladies can drive across this country without worry.

We are looking forward to the next time we can get “On the Road Again…..”  when we do – Willie will be joining us.

“Like a band of Gypsies rolling down the highway….”

or is it …

“Like a band of Gypsies, we go down the highway?”

One thing I know for sure – I am so happy I got that text.


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  1. Mary Kay

    Laughing out loud how “On The Road Again” became our mantra with every stop and start we made (and we made a lot of them!)
    Your pictures capture the beautiful essence of Wren’s Nest. What an amazing place!
    I am so happy you made this journey with me. It was everything I pictured it would be…you couldn’t have described it better!
    Love you my dear friend 💟

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Mary Kay – We had so much fun. The carefree attitudes made it so easy. The Wren’s Nest was the highlight. If we had been in a hotel we would have missed our mornings with coffee on that amazing deck and our wine in the evenings. Thank you for that text and for your spontaneity!

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Lynn… you were there, remember…? Last week, the Wren’s Nest, drinking your black coffee on the deck, driving the Blue Ridge Parkway…? I’m sure you were there!! Oh, wait!!! It must be the Margaritas from that Mexican restaurant… But, I promise you – you were there! Lol!!

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