So Close to Amazing…

If you think my house looks like the photos I post on this blog you are correct…  my favorite…  okay, partially correctout of your mind… sadly mistaken.

I clean one room at a time, snap some photos and go to my photo editor – I am still in search of a program that will edit dust out of a photo.  I would be willing to pay for the premium package if it had a slenderizing button.

Minutes after I put away the camera – this happens.

Our “long-nosed kids” begin beheading the latest victim from their toybox.

Basically, my living room looks like the aftermath of a Game of Thrones battle.

Why am I telling you this?  I am learning to embrace my multitude of imperfections, thanks to my absolute favorite blogger and friend, Karianne Wood from over at Thistlewood Farms.

I was honored to have received an invitation to team up with Karianne through our blogs and for the launch of her first book,

“So Close to Amazing”

When reading her book you feel like you are having a heart to heart on her front porch while sipping some of her sweet tea.

Before the end of the second chapter, you will understand why I admire her.

She has that genuine Southern charm that is simply refreshing.  #SoClosetoAmazing is about recognizing the beauty in your own imperfections.

In honor of her book, I am embracing a few of my imperfections.

We already covered the reality of my living room.

Then, there is this “never before seen” photo – Yep!  That’s me – skipping over our dam last fall.

Photo courtesy of our motion activated wildlife camera.

You can imagine my surprise one evening when loading our wildlife camera photos – amongst the various photos of deer and the occasional raccoon – This pops up – I have kept it hidden until now.  It is not at all flattering.  I blame the hat…  But remember, I am trying to embrace my imperfection.

It is scary to be real, to throw caution to the wind and let your freaky self show.

So Close to Amazing reminds us how boring life would be if we were all perfect.  Besides, there is no humor in perfection.

This is an imperfect photo of my family at the beach.

The one I first saw on Pinterest was perfect – in the Pinterest photo the smiles were drawn exactly where a smile should be and everyone was in perfect formation.

But this is a perfect example of embracing the imperfect.  I love that our smiles are bigger than life – and that one…  the one that looks like it might be an alien…  cracks me up!


Thanks for listening, this has been liberating – I hope you will all celebrate with me our #SoClosetoAmazing week ahead!!

We are all waiting to hear your #SoClosetoAmazing moments in the comments below.  I showed you mine…..

…Lady Laughs-a-Lot

Bonus imperfection confession:

Every time I diet, my husband loses more weight than me.




Thank you so much for reading.

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      Hey Karianne – I am going to reveal that your imperfection is your toes… let’s see, was it that you have 6 toes??? Oh, wait I remember… your toes are super duper long!!! I bet you are glad I remembered huh???
      Thank you Karianne for your inspiration and your comment! Where do you find the time???

      Lady Laughs-a-Lot

  1. Mary Kay

    I too laughed out loud reading this. I think my #SoCloseToAmazing would involve my toes. After being forced into shoes all winter long, I am so excited to bear them when the weather allows.
    That first coat of toenail polish on my perfectly clean nails…AND it ends there…oh I keep them polished, but the nice weather and first polish mean the start of barefoot season and less than pristine toes. I confess that I buy one bottle, one color, and as the coat starts to chip, I simply add another coat. Heavens know how many are on there by the end of the summer 😱
    But, fortunately from a distance they look, if not amazing, at least pretty good…


      My sweet friend Mary Kay,
      I am shocked… I have seen said toes up close and they look great to me. In fact, I think you just discovered a great time-saving tip! No need to remove that old polish, just paint over it!!
      Thank you for playing along – and for reading my blog, and for taking time to comment – and for being you.
      Lady Laughs-a-Lot

  2. Molly

    Another “laugh out loud” read! I love your writing…my imperfect list would exceed the character limit so I’ll just choose one…I eat M&Ms in the pantry at night…after everyone one else has gone to bed. I have a hiding spot for them – this way, I don’t have to share!!!😬🤐


    Molly – are you serious?? really? M&M’s? In the pantry at night??? Plain or Peanut? You think you are alone – but you are NOT!! I am doing that right now – mine are Peanut M&M’s… Yummm! Liberating huh??
    Thank you for sharing –
    Lady Laughs-a-Lot


      Hey Judy – Thank you for following along. Now that the truth is out, the pressure is off – I can take a break from striving for perfection… because we all know that isn’t happening!!

      Lady Laughs-a-Lot

  4. Maddy

    My imperfection begins with my feet and end at the top of my long body……This includes what’s between my ears…….it is liberating to admit our many imperfections and be able to Laugh out loud and maybe even release an imperfect “snort” too……so happy we can be real and not try to perfect perfection… exhausting that would be………thankyou ,lady laughs a lot, for helping us to Laugh more at ourselves


      Ahhh Maddy – I love you and your tiny imperfections. And that space between your ears is fabulous!

      Thank you for reading and coming back to leave a comment!

      Lady Laughs-a-Lot

  5. Mary Jones

    It’s been a while since I’ve logged into email and sometimes I consider it a chore to wade through the endless solicitations that, for the most part, I’ve signed up for but don’t need right now. And then I get to one of your emails and read your blog and like the others, it made me laugh out loud!!! Thank you Teresa for bringing to light, in your humorous self reflection that yes, we all have imperfections to embrace!!! Not sure where to begin either but will share one just today. I received a phone call at 12:10 from a place of business wondering why I was not at my noon appointment. Oh My Goodness!!! I have lived a life of punctuality and pride in never missing or being late for an appointment and today was one more finger on just ‘one’ hand that I’ve embarrassed myself. I’m in utter shock of how in the world could I have done that??? We are not perfect and today was such a blazing reminder!!! I paid for the appointment and rescheduled… Geezzzzz


      Oh my goodness Mary – I can imagine how missing that appointment made you feel. You might like my new motto – “It is what it is.” We try our best – but sometimes all you can say is – It is what it is….
      I am so happy you enjoy reading my little blog. It makes the time spent on it worthwhile just hearing that it made others laugh or think about something differently. Thank you so much for following along.
      Lady Laughs-a-Lot

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