Digging and Pouring the Foundation


I was in speech class as I watched a guy carry a large blanketed and cumbersome object to the front of the class.

He stood the human sized object next to him as he prepared to give his speech.

Just before he began speaking, he removed the blanket to divulge a female mannequin…



I watched the sleepy students perk up and lean forward in their chairs with sudden interest when they saw this mannequin.

Monday at 7:32am

A mannequin who just happened to be wearing some very nice lingerie – imagine being in a Victoria Secret Store….  Yep, that’s her!

Monday at 7:49am – Just 17 minutes from rumbling down the driveway to digging!

I am not sure anyone noticed that she was missing a head.

She stood, perched next to him in the front of the class throughout his speech.

Monday at 9:35am

At the end of his speech, the class erupted in applause as he carefully covered the mannequin with the blanket and lugged her out of the room.  The class was now giving him a standing ovation.

The instructor had advised the students to find a way to capture and hold the attention of the audience.

Monday at 9:36am – less than 2 hours we have a basement dug.

I am here to tell you – this guy piqued the interest of every student in that classroom.

The odd thing was that the speech topic had NOTHING to do with the mannequin.

Monday at 12:28pm

You probably guessed that I am trying that same technique with this post.

I am trying to grab your attention and hold it until the end of this post.  Just like he held the attention of the class until his speech was over.

Monday at 1:53pm -In a little over 7 hours, they have dug the basement, trenched the footings, cut the rebar, set up the footing forms and layered in the rebar and ate lunch just in time for arrival of the concrete.

But, I have no mannequin to intrigue you.

I do have photos of when we broke ground on our new home,  exactly 3 years ago.

Monday at 2:02pm

And even if you are not into digging in the dirt, or if big excavators do not impress you, and if watching cement dry makes you yawn, you will have to appreciate the efficiency of our crew.

Monday at 2:41pm

We will never forget the day we broke ground.

That was the day our dream leapt off the paper and became reality.

Wednesday at 6:07pm

Monday had been a whirlwind of commotion – with people and trucks and hammering and the buzzing of saws.

Things were quiet on Tuesday and Wednesday while the concrete footings were curing.

A wash of calm came over me when I looked out of our cabin door and saw this rainbow over our future home.

Thursday at 12:24pm

Oh, that guy in speech class?

The one who used the mannequin as his prop?  – I dated him for a while.

Thursday at 1:24pm

Then I married him.

And that speech?

Thursday at 1:25pm

We have no idea what the speech was about, but we remember every thing about that mannequin!

Friday at 9:58am
Friday at 9:58am

I hope it worked.

I hope you read all of my post.

I hope it captured you even if digging and concrete aren’t your thing,

I would sure appreciate it if you would share this site with your family and friends!

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  1. Katie @pixiedustandwhiskey.com

    Haha! It worked! I read all of it, and I hope he got an ‘A’ on his speech too. 😉

  2. Mary Kay

    I did read all of your post…AND I love to dig in dirt and am very impressed by big excavators 🙂

    What a beautiful rainbow in the perfect spot!

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