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Question: I love my mom because…..?   Answer: “I Love Her Heart.”  That was our 4 year old grandson’s answer.  I melted into a puddle.  And when his momma received the card from him and read his answers to the various questions – she felt loved, she laughed and she cried happy tears.  It was a TRIFECTA!!!

In our family we know we hit a home run when the recipient cries upon reading the card!  It has become our challenge.

Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday.  And because I know you love making people happy – I am sharing this with you –

so you too can make your loved ones cry.  In a “Happy Tears” way.

This idea is not new, but Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect time to let those we care for know they are loved.  It just takes a few minutes and costs nothing.

Here is what I did and the list of questions I asked.  You can make your questions for anyone, a mommy, a daddy, a grandma or grandpa, an aunt, an uncle or a neighbor…  you get the idea, anyone who would be happy that you thought of them for Valentines day.

I had everything ready, with questions and pen in hand I called my first accomplice into the living room.  Children tend to have a short attention span so I wanted to have everything prepared ahead of time.  One on one worked best for me and helped the answers stay authentic.

I made sure to let the child know what I was doing….  explaining to them I was going to ask some questions about their mommy and that I would be writing down their answers.  Most importantly I told them this was going to be a gift from THEM to give to their mommy for Valentine’s Day.

The answers were quite entertaining….

Here is the list of questions I used – or you can create your own, the important thing is that you record the childs answers exactly as they stated them.


I can promise you – you will laugh at some of the answers.  What is that saying…  Out of the mouths of babes??

Think of the delight as the child happily presents this precious gift.

Hopefully you can have the joy of seeing a loved one cry on Valentine’s Day! (Happy tears of course!)

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  1. Mary Kay

    A very cute idea 🙂 My grandkids did this for us for grandparents day. Funny, sweet answers…my age ranged from forty to ninety-eight, and apparently I’m very good at pulling weeds haha!

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