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Most of us do not have Martha Stewart’s Minions in a back room helping to prepare for our out of town guests.  But, we can anticipate their needs and be ready – being prepared can give your guests the warm fuzzies that they deserve and will help keep everyone happy.


If our guests are visiting for an overnight, for a weekend, for a week, for a holiday or a summer vacation, we feel it is our job to make them feel welcome and comfortable during their stay. It is our goal for each guest to capture a memory from their visit with us at the Lodge.


We have had the pleasure of hosting 151, oh wait, counting last weekend we are now up to 154 overnight guests in the past 2 years.  We feel we are finally getting a handle on how to be a host & hostess.  Today we are sharing with you our “to-do list” for hosting happy guests, and to help you keep your life stress free during their stay.


1.  Guests bring stuff – they can’t help it – it is just what they do.  When they first arrive they may bring in a truckload of stuff.  You have been cleaning house for a week in the happy anticipation of their arrival and 30 seconds in – you can no longer find the entryway.  Show them where they will be sleeping right away so they can unload in their space.  Have a place in or near the kitchen (we use our laundry room) for the extra food and drink they may bring.  This helps keep your counters from over crowding.


2.  Night lights – keep in mind – your guests are not familiar with the surroundings, so to save toes from being stubbed during a bathroom visit we keep night lights lit in the bathroom, the kitchen, the stairs and hallways.

3.  Bags – have a place in their space for them to spread open their bags, we have a bench at the foot of each bed, just someplace for them to keep an open suitcase, if they are staying more than one night try to have some empty drawers and empty hangers in the closet – over the door hooks are great too.


4.  Internet passwords – Print them and place them on the nightstand.

5.  Bathroom vanity – have a clear space on the vanity for them to be able to unpack their toiletries.

6.  Bedding, blankets, towels, soaps and shampoos – have plenty and make sure they are fresh smelling.  We recently found some “Monkey Fart” soap for our younger guests,… You already know what I am going to type next….

….  Yep, You know they will LOVE it!  I can hear the shrieks of laughter already!


7.  Current magazines – keep a few on the nightstand.

8.  Fresh flowers on the nightstand – we pick wildflowers from the farm – guests notice and most of them comment.

9.  Forgotten Items Stash – Keep a stash of new toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, lotions, etc. (the travel size is usually under $1 at Walmart or Target and is perfect for this) and make sure  your guests know where they can be found in case they forgot something – simply having one toothbrush for all guests to share is typically frowned upon.  (winking face emoji)


10.  Guest Basket – If you are really feeling the love, make a basket with shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bottled water, lotion, a healthy midnight snack and all the items you just put on that nightstand can now go in this basket.

11.  Toilet paper and Febreze in the bathroom – in plain site, not tucked away where guests have to snoop to find it.


12.  Plan activities – have age appropriate activities for the kids as well as the adults – and let everyone know what the plan is so they can pack the proper shoes and clothing.  They may bring clothes for a hayride and bonfire – and when you suddenly announce we are all going to church and the museum….  well…. awkward….

Lucky 13  – When someone offers to help – let them – give them a job – put them in charge of the drinks, or setting the table, or I always like to find someone who can make gravy…

Enjoy your week and I will see you all again on Friday!

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    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Hey Vicki – people bring food, alcohol, laughter and fun. Everything needed for good karma, and for that they get to stay in a fabulous lodge – but the guest rooms are still adorned with the original concrete floors. There is just no way to make that sound appealing… We hope to get those floors finished this winter. If you and Michael are interested in visiting – contact us – I am pretty sure we can work something out.

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