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Lost Mule Lodge
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Thank you all for your kind words and your sharing, caring and hanging with us.

This blog is just a toddler, still learning to walk in the cyber world.  We are very grateful for all the interest it has received.

Many of you contacted us with questions regarding that beautiful blue pantry door in the Lodge Kitchen post.

You are about to witness this door go from Naked and Afraid to Bold and Beautiful… kind of like your wedding night.


We wanted to take something from the old cabin to put in our new home.

But we could not decide on what that certain “something” would be.

I walked through the cabin again and again, twirling my curls.

Then suddenly, there it was, right in front of me!

This pathetic, naked, sad, turkey-turd-tan door was at the back of our crooked little cabin screaming, “pick me – pick me!”


It was in pretty bad shape.

After planing the edges smooth and some sanding, it got a brilliant coat of cobalt blue paint.

Then I applied stain to tone it down just a bit.

Now that the color was perfect, I needed to work on those panes of glass.

Using the computer, I designed a simple pattern.


Kind of like creating my own paint by numbers kit!

Using adhesive faux leading strips – I recreated the design onto each of the glass panes.


I applied a Gallery Glass product to create a distorted rain glass effect.

Just clear enough to let light through but distorted enough to mute the contents of the pantry.


And there you have it – a Bold and Beautiful pantry door.  It enjoys a lot of attention nowadays.  Its Naked and Afraid days are gone forever.


I am so happy with how this door turned out – I am currently working on a second door – for our linen closet.

Disclosure: We are not professionals and this is not a “HOW TO” type of blog, if you are interested in more details or want to know the exact products we used – just let us know in the comments and we will try to help.  Thank you.


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  1. Maddy

    This is why you sleep so good at night… accomplish so much in a day😊Another great read!!! You are definitely in your element!

  2. Mary Kay

    You know I love that door!! I copied it for our sunroom 🙂
    I only wish I could have used that beautiful blue color too!

    Maddy is right, this is so much fun!!


      Mary Kay – You are the bravest person I know! Your doors were beautiful to start with – so it was a gamble for you to alter the glass!! I am so glad they turned out gorgeous!


      Thanks Molly – it is always so fun to read the comments – it is like getting your paper back from the teacher to see what she thought of what your story. These comments are like my little gold stars!!

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