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Adios Summer, you were amazing. We loved, we laughed, we made some awesome memories, but it is time to move on. Our relationship became smothering.

I have found Fall, with it’s brilliant colors, wide open windows, cozy sweatshirts, the aroma of hickory smoke in the cool crisp air…. Oh Fall, how I have missed you.


Whatever your favorite season, we all would have to agree that Fall is pretty amazing.  When I am asked about which season is my favorite, I think my honest answer should be….

“The first few weeks of each new season is my favorite season.”

Around here we can hear the cottonwood leaves clapping, they have spent the entire summer clapping – applauding the splashes of the cannonballs into the Gulch and for the little fisherman pulling in those large mouth bass.


Now those clapping leaves of the cottonwood are the first to turn a brilliant yellow.  The hickory trees, are next in line with the gorgeous contrast of bright yellow against their dark bark. Such a brilliant display.img_2603

Even our ghosts are celebrating Fall by holding hands and dancing!  These are so easy to create and they make a fun Halloween decoration. For each ghost I drill a hole in the top of a stick and insert about a 4 inch long dowel to hold the styrofoam head.  Then I put a twin size white sheet over the head and secure it with the string. Tie the sheets together to create the ghosts hands.

My hen, Mary Kay keeps offering these ghosts a makeover, she is thinking a little red lipstick and some mascara might look nice!


I promise to love this Fall and all the glory it will bring…. Until the I see the first snowflakes silently drifting to the earth, then I will jump into the arms of Winter…

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  1. Mary Kay

    Your pictures look like beautiful paintings…and I love your words “the first few weeks of each new season is my favorite season.”

    *Mary Kay is a very talented chicken 🙂

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Mary Kay – Thank you for taking time to read this little blog. And yes,
      she is very talented, if the other ladies in the hen house would just listen to her they would all have the most beautiful beaks around!!

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