Moonshine Bath Anyone?

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Is it weird that we name everything…?  I have wondered what it must say about us who give EVERYTHING a name – it seems we are breathing life into objects.  I am not sure about the psychological aspect of naming objects or rooms, or that it really matters to me – it is just what we do.  We are still good people.


Sometimes there can be entire conversations heard between me and the various objects in the house – Like that time the full size mirror warned me not to go out in those leather pants.  After seeing the videos – I apologized to it for not listening and promised never to wear them again.

Or that time my oven cried, “I told you so”, and I spent an entire afternoon going to town to buy a replacement cake…

I can’t even begin to tell you about the private conversations that are held in my closet.


So with that confession – Welcome to the Moonshine Guest Bath.  It is a companion to the Moonshine Guest Room.

That stuff on the wall around the shower, it may look like wood, but it is ceramic tile.  Seriously, people walk up and actually feel it because they think it is wood.  Now, we have done some strange things in our day – but a wooden shower would not be on that list.


Notice the antique library table transformed into a vanity.  The stories this table could tell, with the countless text books and research papers written on it’s surface.  Just a few decades ago I bet it held card files from the Dewey Decimal System.


But now…  Now imagine the excitement as it breathes new life as a vanity in a guest bath named Moonshine! Now instead of hushed whispers from it’s days in the library, it rejoices in the sounds of private giggles and laughter.  It gets to witness all kinds of interesting stuff, men shaving and ladies applying their red lipstick just to name a couple.  I’m sure it relishes in the the fabulous aromas of all those great perfumes and soaps – and the occasional spritz of febreze….


I wonder if it misses the hushed days in the library.  I would bet it is pretty happy with it’s new life as a vanity in the Moonshine Guest Bath.

I know which life I would  prefer if I were an antique library table.

Watch for a future post to show the Moonshine Guest Room. They make such great companions!

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  1. Mary Kay

    I love Moonshine Guest Bath…so familiar to me, yet I feel like I’m seeing it with fresh eyes..the magic of your words 🙂


      I found some homemade goats milk soaps in various yummy scents, so you will love it even more with your next visit.


      Thank you Katie, I am honored that you like it – as I have great respect for your writing! Mirrors can be funny like that – they either love us or they hate us, either way I’ve learned to listen!!

  2. Maddy

    This is the first I heard of the antique library table transformed into the “moonshine” vanity table……the Lodge is full of history and so many wonderful memories past and many many more to come……

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