The Ladies of the Pollo Club

Lost Mule Lodge

…a journey that began with a  cabin in the woods

Within a week of moving to our little cabin – we purchased six – one year old Buff Orpingtons and a coop.

We locked the hens in the coop and loaded it all on a trailer behind the Silverado – we were about 2 miles into a 10 mile drive back to the cabin  and it started storming. The hail was slamming us.  We pulled under a gas station awning for shelter.  A couple of other vehicles had sought cover under the same awning.  We got some strange looks as we pulled through far enough that the trailer pulling the coop & hens was protected but our truck was taking a beating. For the next 2.5 years we were eating eggs everyday in everything!  Sometime late last summer my great layers stopped producing eggs.  It was the dreaded menopause.  I guess hens peak early.

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