Apparently a Flu Shot is not Whiskey

I’m back!  The flu caught me and wreaked havoc for a couple of weeks. Being a sicko gave me the opportunity to discover a few things…

Apparently, a flu shot is not a combination of whiskey,  lemons, or honey.

After all these years, I was amazed to learn that Sir Lots-a-Wit can cook.

I discovered that Gypsy Dancer believes that if she keeps her hind feet on the floor, she is technically not “in” the bed.

Because of course, we all know, she is not allowed in the bed.

It was a fun fact to learn that she is loaded with more empathy than some humans.

You can see it in her eyes.  That is the look of worry.

She would hear me coughing and come running to my side – she would cock her head to the left in deep concern as if to say, “Are you going to get up and feed us soon?”

It is nice to be loved!

As we lay together under the covers but not in the bed, I discovered that when I would yawn, she would yawn…

It kind of became a game of dueling yawns.  It was really pretty sweet.

I discovered a love of audiobooks. I lost count of how many books I read…  or that the narrator read.

A person can get lost in a good story.

With earbuds and a kindle, I would be transported to a distant place and time far away from my congestion.

If I wasn’t immersed in a book, or yawning in my dogs face, I was catching up on some tv.

It took an additional box of tissues, but I finally learned how Jack died.

Then I double checked our crockpot before going to bed…

It was right there on the pantry shelf – turned off and unplugged.

But, I had to check. Thank you, “This is Us”.

One night we watched the 1972 movie “Deliverance”.

I see your eyebrows raised and your head nodding.


You remember it, right?

It’s one of those timeless movies.

After watching it, I downloaded the dueling banjo music –

I credit that banjo music for slowly bringing me back to the living.


Then I priced canoe rentals in anticipation of warmer weather and a float trip.

Banjos not included.


Waking up to this view, I tried to remind myself that being a sicko could be worse.

While hanging with my dog and the tv, I discovered a commercial that really captured my attention.

It is a commercial for Dove Chocolate.

But that is beside the point!

It starts with a little girl greeting the new day and each brief segment shows her aging until finally at the end she has morphed into a beautiful mature woman with gorgeous silver hair and a face that is etched with the wrinkles of time.

I think of it as a tribute to our daughters, granddaughters, mothers, grandmothers and ourselves.

It is a reminder of how quickly life passes.

Make sure the sound is on because the song is fabulous.

You can watch it here, I hope it moves you like it does me.

Click Here –> Dove Chocolate Commercial

You all stay healthy and have a great weekend.

I am going to check the crockpot one more time and go yawn in my dog’s face before saying good night.


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  1. Mary Jones

    I’m so sorry you’ve been sick (!!!) glad you’re back to the living. Such a heart warming tribute for living each day… per the Dove commercial. Thanks for sharing!!! Love your sweet Gypsy Dancer – that face is precious!!!


      Thank you Mary – The month of January is a blur. But hey! that is behind us now, Thank goodness. We are gearing up for spring. Lambing starts in March! You guys will have to visit again – somehow I think you would like the baby lambs. I hope you all stay healthy.

  2. I’m dealing with the flu right now and it sucks! I have watched that Dove commercial so many times it’s my favorite of all time. It brings tears to my eyes. The movie Deliverance was filmed where my husband and I kayak. I think of it every time we go through there!


      RENA!!! So sorry to hear you are sick. I guess the bright side is that being sick forces us to slow down and take the time to do things we normally would not have time to do.
      You are one brave lady to kayak on that river!
      Take care and get well soon.


      Katie – should have issued a “Spoiler Alert” – Such a great show, and Jack… oh my goodness! I hope you feel better soon! Take care my friend.

  3. Mary Kay

    I’m sorry you were so sick, but it sounds like you made the best of it. Sometimes it takes something like that to make us slow down and get a chance to catch up on the other side of life.
    Gypsy is such a funny, sweet, girl. I’m glad she was at your side while you were on the mend.
    What a wonderful commercial!

  4. Hey Teresa what a great post. So positive and sweet and funny. Glad you’re on the mend. Last time I had the flu I watched Dexter – like 93 episode – that’s like 5 days or something!! JIll

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