The Magic in Every Day

Stepping over three dogs in the darkness, I wake each morning way too early.

I welcome the moonlight from the western sky although filtered by gnarled tree branches – it’s light casts dark shadows as my boots break the crust on the frosty grass.

This is what my soul has spent a lifetime searching for.

For just a moment I pause… My head tilts back while my lungs take in the pure frigid air.

I strain to hear the sweet silence.

With each step, I feel the warmth of my faithful dog at my side.  Every morning, together on this short pilgrimage we are a pack of two.  He remains constant, at my side throughout the early morning chores.  He provides more comfort in this wooded wilderness than he knows.

Still dark, I sprinkle sawdust over icy walkways – when heading back, I seek this sawdust path – the sawdust is like breadcrumbs leading me along a less treacherous course.

I promise myself the reward of hot coffee by the glowing fire that warms the kitchen – but out here, in this moment, there is no desire to hurry.  I need no further reward.

Pausing on my way back to the house I am humbled by the last star in the morning sky.  There is now a ribbon of pink resting on the horizon bringing the promise of a new day.

Was it 4 days or maybe a week ago that we stacked hay into the night, leaving a deep ache in my back and arms?  A small price to pay for this daily gift.

My hair is wild with accents of hay and straw.  My nails are short and unpainted.

There is nothing glamorous about this life.  This work is hard.  I understand that it is not for everyone.

But for me, this world is like no other, I am happiest here.

Each new day I smile at my reflection as I pick the straw from my hair.  I can’t wait to slip on these boots again tomorrow morning, they bring me more happiness than any shoe I have ever worn.

Throughout this new year – I wish you this peace, to bring beauty and a new perspective to each day.

There is magic happening all around each of us every day – the magic isn’t there until you pause and look at it long enough to be grateful for it.

I wish you that time to pause long enough to find the magic in the world around you.

I wish you a life that makes you grateful to be alive.



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    Thank you Katie – This spring we hope to have lambs and baby chicks – I bet I know some little girls that would love to visit!!!


      Thank you so much Vicki – I hope they were happy tears. I find it easier to write the things I feel. I am honored by your sweet comment. Thank you.

  2. Ellyn Forbes

    I need to start every day reading this. It brought me so much peace, thoughts of a simpler time, reminders of the beauty and grace all around us if we but take the time to still ourselves. God bless you T! Keep em coming.


      Hey Ellyn – You get it! It is about peace, the peace is everywhere – you could even find it on a crowded subway, if we look.
      Thank you so very much for being a loyal reader!

  3. Mary Kay

    Such beautiful words…your home is proof you don’t need to leave this world to experience a little slice of heaven.

    P.S I laughed out loud at your PJ bottoms and boots… another plus of country life 😆


      Mary Kay – the beauty of those boots is they pair well with all my pajamas!! hahaha! Thank you again for always having kind words to share. We may never go on vacation again – so it’s a good thing we are happy here!


      What a sweet genuine person I met that day on the train! Thank you Melanie for reaching out and being a friend to the “new girl”.

  4. What a beautiful way to start the day Teresa. I am a morning person but I live by the ocean. I loved reading how you start your day and the photos are stunning. Who wants painted nails when you have that gorgeous view every morning to remind you how lucky we are to be alive. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Midlife Share the Love Party and have a beautiful day! #MSTL


      Yes – Christie – you are absolutely right! The beauty is all around each of us – we just need to take time to appreciate it.
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

  5. Your world is so vastly different to mine (I’m in Australia and the sun is out and temperatures are soaring) but I can still relate to what you’ve written – the beauty, the solitude, the company of a loved pet. Those photos are gorgeous too. Thanks so much for linking up with us at #MLSTL – I’ve shared this on my SM and hope you enjoy reading and sharing some of the other posts that have been linked.

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