Framing Our Final Home

This was it.  This was the final house.  The days of moving walls or adding windows with the simple mark of a pencil were about to end.

The foundation sat for 2 months while we interviewed carpenter crews to frame our future home.

During these 2 months, we would tweak this or add that, daily…  sometimes hourly.


After changing window placements or resizing showers we would tell ourselves,

“Nooowwww it is right.”


After the sunset, we would lay our heads on feathered pillows with satisfied grins…

Until sometime before dawn, another thought would creep into our heads…

“Is the pantry big enough?”


The sun would rise with more pencil marks, we would bump out the pantry wall, crowding the laundry room, thinking out loud….

“NOW… it is perfect.”


Then between 2:33 and 3:47 am, a little voice would whisper,

“You are going to be sorry you squished the laundry room”.


Giving up on sleep, I would stumble out of the bedroom, and with the help of my mangled eraser, I would give the laundry room back its space and the pantry would return to its original size.

This pattern would continue until the day the framing crew arrived.

Changes were too easy, my pencil and it’s best friend, the eraser became my dream construction crew.

Knowing that we had to get it right was scary.  There was no model home we could walk through.

There weren’t going to be any other houses.

This is the house we would grow old in – this is the house we would be carried out of, it might be men in white suits or it might be pine boxes, either way, we have no intent on leaving willingly!

Getting every detail right was crucial.  It was like that “walking down the aisle” doubt.  Are we sure?  Once we start framing, there is no turning back.

Finding the right carpenter was critical.  All the usual things were important, good references and someone who would work with us.

We had no formal blueprints – the framers would have enough experience to be able to work with our drawings on window and door placements as well as sharing our vision to create the “Timber Frame” look we were after.

And most of all – they would have to have patience and understanding of my incurable need for perfect symmetry.

We found the crew that matched our criteria – Cliff Martin and his crew – C & C Contracting out of Memphis, Missouri.  They were absolutely amazing in every way.  They seemed to instinctively know what was needed, never complaining and always hustling.  They even swept out the sawdust!


To our amazement, they had the house weather tight with windows, doors and a covered roof in just 3 weeks.  Every day was an adventure getting to be onsite to watch the progress.

Each evening after the crew would leave, we would make the seventy-three steps from the cabin to visit our future home.  We were like giddy kids, darting from room to room, standing at each window to observe the views.

Making important decisions – like which of those windows would get the honor of hosting the annual Christmas tree.

This was it.  Our future dream home.

The walls are now fixed, no more altering with the line of a pencil.

The walls that echo laughter and continue to create memories for the rest of our days.


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      Thank you so much Judy – It would have been funny for anyone else to watch as I stood at an imaginary kitchen sink, that was of course perfectly centered under glassless windows, pretending to watch dishes. It was a bit like playing house as a kid!


      thank you sweet Maddy – there were many sleepless nights that went into the window placement!! Thank you for your comment – I always appreciate hearing from readers.

  1. When I read your blog, I felt: – finally something I can relate to. This niche is right up my street and I enjoyed reading your post. I am now following because I know I will enjoy following your blessed project. Thanks for sharing


      Jada – first of all I love your name! Thank you so much for following my blog – our progress – and all the random things I write about!


      Rebecca – You are so right – it has been a huge ton of work! But as progress continues we are reaping the rewards! Thank you for finding my blog, reading and taking the time to comment.

  2. Mary Kay

    You and George are still giddy kids 😆 which is a reflection of the success of the huge undertaking that the building of your forever home was.
    It’s so apparent in each and every detail of your amazing home, how much thought, planning, and care went into it.
    Love, love, love your home and all its occupants!


      Mary Kay – Have I told you how much I love you!!!! We made a few mistakes, but so far all have been fixable!
      Thank you for being our “Cheerleader” throughout this journey.

  3. D Jane Bartlett

    Such fun you had! I remember walking around cardboard ‘islands’ and cabinets to get the design of my new kitchen just right. Imaginary building can be satisfying yet scary. Glad yours turned out satisfying 🙂 Enjoyed following your erasures. Blessings till we meet again, Jane B


    Oh Jane – you obviously know the thrill and the anxiety that comes with it! We have endured many renovations but this was our third build from the ground up. I guess we could say “the third time was the charm!”
    Thank you for all your wisdom that you continue to share.

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