Constructing a Great Room – Start to Finish

Do you have your sippy drink?  Coffee? Wine?  With a straw?  I don’t judge – just grab it and find a seat.  You are about to experience the building of our Great Room from start to finish.

Ready?  Set?   Hold my beer and watch this…..


Welcome to our Great Room. This photo is taken from the front door –  If there was a front door.  This would be your view as you walk inside.   To quote that hunk, Jon Snow…  “Winter is coming…”, and we needed a roof.

Now it is starting to come together with some semblance of a room, a topless room.

A room with a view of that majestic Missouri sky.

See those rays of sunshine coming in those soon to be windows? That is nature signaling that morning has broken at the Lodge.

I remember the excitement we felt as we would stand to look at this view.  When the deck gets built, these will be the doors that will lead you there.

You can see the foam insulation in this photo.  Doors and windows are in and the sheetrock is installed but not yet taped.  Inspector Lots-a-Wit has trekked over from the cabin to check on the progress. His life is about to get crazy busy.

With the sheetrock complete, I had the honor of painting the walls with Sherwin Williams Blonde.  It is a soft gold that warms the house with an amber glow.

Once the walls were painted the staining of the trim boards would begin.  We used 1 x 6 lumber for the trim around the doors and windows.

Did you know there are nine trim boards for each window?  I didn’t either until I became a window trimmer.

And this room with a view was my workshop.

The Amish introduced us to car siding, which we later found out is more commonly referred to as Shiplap, thanks to that adorable couple Chip and Joanna who make everything look so easy on Fixer Upper.

Shiplap and I would become best buddies for the next several weeks.

I stained, sanded and finished 32 – 16-foot long shiplap boards every day using anything available for my drying racks.


I will pause right here so you can let that soak in a minute….  and take a sip, or a gulp.

After 5pm and on weekends,  I became the one behind the lens snapping photos and gasping as I watched in horror Sir Lots-a-Wit precariously balanced overhead.

Does this look safe to you?  I am thinking not….

On occasion, he would thump his chest like Tarzan in an effort to convince me that he wasn’t scared.  Jane may have been convinced, but not me – not even for a minute.


This is the photo you hope your insurance man never sees.

Sir Lots-a-Wit on top of the…




A set of jack stands…

Two ladders & various pieces of scrap wood.

Was I wrong to take comfort in the security of the worn bungee cords?


Shiplap, beams, trim and the fan are complete without incident!  At this point Uncle Buck has settled into his rightful spot on the fireplace.



Finally ready for flooring.

With the flooring complete, we just need the baseboard trim. Then we get to move in some furniture.

Here is a close up of some sawdust on the floor.

Custom baseboard trim is looking good.

This is the stone entryway with the temporary door. I am so happy with this flooring.  Would you look at that shine!  Just a few finishing touches still needed.

The first photos of this post were taken from this entry looking out the back doors.  This is our entryway with stone walls and new door complete.  If you came to visit today – this is where we would greet you.

And this is the first thing you would see from that entryway.

This room has come a long way with one man and a lady doing the work.

Drum roll please…..  the room as it is today.

Ta daaaa!!!!


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  1. Ellyn Forbes

    I don’t know how you two finished that room to make it look like it was centuries old! It is so beautiful. Reminds me of a 16th century English countryside cottage. You are both so talented and true visionaries. Thanks again for sharing.


      Wowhee Ellyn, I could just hug you right now! I could hug you because you just gave us a great compliment. I have struggled with decorating in this style. Oh I can decorate – farmhouse or country French. But this has been a challenge. Thank you so much for making my day!


    Thank you so much Shirley, It has been a fun project for sure. I think the most amazing part is that George somehow managed to get those beams up there all by himself. I get wobbly at anything above 5 foot. I just slathered paint and stain, he did the hard stuff! Thank you for taking the time to read and leave such a nice comment. I love that you like it.

  3. that is breathtaking! The photos don’t do it justice i’m sure. I kinda wish my house looked like that (it’s an old farmhouse, we have updated but trying to not take away from the old farmhouse look while we update)


      Samantha!!! I love old farmhouses! I understand your struggle with keeping the dignity of your home while updating… have you gone on It is like a decorator’s dream with tons of ideas on farmhouse style with modern updates.
      Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I hope to see you back soon!!

  4. Mary Kay

    I remember seeing so much of this progress. (Thankfully I missed George’s acrobatic act). Every single visit, I was more and more in awe at what you two accomplished. What an amazing team! Your gorgeous, glorious room, with that stunning view reflects that!!

    You captured your journey in pictures perfectly 😊


      Hey There Mary Kay – Have I thanked you for all the journeys you have made here? Well thank you so much for your visits and all your suggestions. This spring we will finally be able to start many planned projects for outdoors. In the months of winter I will continue to pinch myself as I enjoy our finally finished rooms!

  5. Mary Jones

    I shake my head in awe of you two!!! Unbelievable accomplishment that I’m sure is one of the proudest things you’ve done for ALL your years of hard work!!! Not just the great room but the whole lodge!!! No 1)… to have had the physical capability to achieve it and 2) to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor for years to come! What a legacy structure you’ll leave for the next century!!! I encourage you to ‘print’ your blogs or create an online hardcopy book of the lodge story for history and leave it in the lodge as part of your legacy!!! Knowing you, it’s already done… 🙂


    Mary – You always leave me smiling from ear to ear! I love that you have seen it and that you “get it”. There is such great spirit here, not just the lodge but the land as well. It is a place where peace resides in a world of chaos. Thank you so much for your kind words and as always you are always welcome here! Our hope is whoever is here in the next century appreciates it as much as we have.


    Thank You Paresh – We really appreciate your comment! Check back soon – we will feature the kitchen and other rooms. I am guessing if you like this style – you will enjoy those too!

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