A Vanity Built by a Lady

Okay – I know it may not be “normal” for a lady to be this excited about getting her very own power tools – but “normal” has never been very appealing.

Our daughter paid me a wonderful compliment saying, “I am so grateful for the abnormal influence you have had in my life.”  She may have been joking – but I take great pride in those words!

Day after day I watched from the kitchen window of our cabin as the crew was hammering and sawing all day.   The six of them worked in unison like a finely tuned machine.  Never for even a moment was anyone idle.

Inspiration image was taken from Pinterest.

There was a guilt that washed over me as I watched so many others work so hard building our home.  I wanted to do something more…  something besides serving up lunch.

The inspiration hit me as I was looking through Pinterest for faucet ideas and was in awe of the above picture.

The Pinterest search was for faucets, but that vanity is what caught my eye.

It looked so simple with a refined rustic appeal.

It was the absolute perfect vanity for our future bathroom.

I knew I could do this.

I printed the image, jotted down the lumber sizes I thought I would need, and headed for the garage.

But I would need some power tools.

Tools of my own.

Most of us ladies have mastered ways of justifying a purchase…  you know – like “it does seem like a lot of money – but this handbag is worth it because I will carry it through every single season for the rest of my life”

Oh – here is an old favorite, “I’m going to splurge on two pairs, these stirrup pants will never go out of style!”

So obviously it made perfect sense to me, “the money we were saving by not purchasing fancy vanities would more than pay for these power tools.”

Excited about the arrival of my new tools, I couldn’t wait to get this garage party started!

In the photo above you will see my first attempt at building a vanity.

I try not to judge but it did look a bit “chunky”.

– not that there is anything wrong with chunky.

Let’s just say this first vanity looked a bit more like a tool bench for a garage than a vanity for our bathroom.

No problem, my new tools could use a bench!  And instead of towels folded neatly on the bottom shelf – it would soon have battery chargers and a circular saw.

The second “vanity” needed to slim down a bit.  I reduced the size of the edge boards from 2x6s to 1x4s.

La Dee Da – would you look at that

– vanity number 2 is the perfect balance of rustic simplicity for our bathroom!

They say practice makes perfect – or a least we hope to get better.  This is vanity number 2 – or I guess it is really “vanity” number 1 since the original vanity is now a tool bench.

I didn’t have any plans – just looking at the picture from Pinterest, I could tell pretty much what materials to get and how it would go together.  And if I ever have a question, Sir Lots-a-Wit is always close by.

It is important that anytime you are building a vanity of any kind – be sure it is solid and secured to the wall – you would not want to bump it and jar the drain pipe loose.

Also, anytime I have wood near a water source – I finish it with a heavy coat of Spar Urethane or Marine Varnish.

Once I had the benefit of the practice effect from building my first and second, I built a third one for the Indian Shadows bathroom.  Same table design – just not as long.

There you have it – one tool bench and not just one – but TWO vanities – all built by a lady, with the help of some of her own power tools.

Let’s hear it for the ladies!!!  Wooo  Hooo!!



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  1. Maddy

    We (hubby n me) have had the privilege of splashing our faces from this sink in the Indian Shadows bathroom…..yes this lady(teresa) rocks!

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      A huge thanks to you Maddy! Thank you for reading my little blog and for always leaving a sweet comment and mostly for saying I rock!!! Woo hoo!
      Love you – Lady Laughs-a-Lot (who Rocks)

  2. Katie @pixiedustandwhiskey.com

    I love your realism in telling us about attempt number 1. Isn’t that always how it goes. Any time I start making Christmas gifts, the first attempt always ends up being mine. Lol! Awesome finished vanities!

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Katie – Yes – you are so right about the first one – the first bench… the first Christmas craft, my chickens always get the first pancake!! Thanks for reading!

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Hey Paula – Of course you could do this – I will say it gets easier by the 3rd try!!! Thank you for reading. You really should give it a try, if I can do it – you can do it!

  3. Diana

    I love both vanities. Nice work! I also like the way you incorporated the tp holder under the end of one of them. Just a suggestion, could you see if you have some of that peachy pant left and paint the drain pipe so it blends in with the wall.

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Diana – you are more observant than most!!! As I was editing the photos I saw that too! Thank you for the reminder, it isn’t something I see everyday!! Thank you also noticing the tp holder – I made those with plumbing pipe… for a future blog post!!

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