My 10 Minute Upholstery Project


I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I upholstered this chair… in 10 minutes.

…in 10 minutes people!

Seriously, in the amount of time it takes you to sweep those Cheerios off the kitchen floor you could do this.

Does it count as upholstery when it is just a single pad?  Just one small patch of fabric?

Yes – you bet I’m counting it!!

I found this chair on Craigs List a few days,  a couple of weeks, 3 years ago….

I know, I know, if I had any idea it would be so easy I would have done it long ago.

I was in love the minute I saw it.  In love with everything about it – except that fabric.

It was that kind of love when you think to yourself, if only I could change that one minor issue, he would be absolutely perfect….  uhhh…  I mean it would be absolutely perfect!

That voice of my alter ego started whispering in my ear.

The sweet voice that sounds a bit like Helen Reddy was telling me, “I am Strong, I am Invincible, I can do Anything.” Then it began to whisper – “Go get that chair, it will look amazing in faux cowhide, go get it, you got this,



But I was scared, I didn’t know how to upholster anything, where would I start?  What tools would I need?

I started hearing my alter ego every time I looked at the chair.  It got louder each time – It became like a chant…”Do it…  Do it”.

Finally – the day came.

I put on my “can do” music – that’s right…  I am Woman by Helen Reddy.

I grabbed that chair like a Boss!  Gathering my fabric, a staple gun, a pair of scissors and some needle nosed pliers, I was ready for some serious staple pullin’.

Once I got the original fabric removed, I used it as a pattern for cutting the new fabric to size, leaving extra to fold over at the edges.

Next, I positioned the faux cowhide squarely over the cotton pad – folding the edges over and mitering the corners – I started stapling like a Mad Hatter!

It is not perfection,  but let’s face it – any chair in my bathroom is going to be covered with polka dot pajamas, a red towel, and a pink headband.

Not bad for 10 minutes work!

**Disclosure – Polka dot pajamas, towel, and headband were all removed before the photo was taken.


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  1. Maddy

    Oh my goodness….seriously your humor makes me smile….and bygolly I think I am going to try to reupholster our wicker couch now😊


    My Sweet Maddy – You got this – that wicker couch will never be the same!! Remember your choice in music will determine your success!


  3. Ellyn Firbes

    I could read your posts every day. I always finish feeling lighter, happier, more content with simple things. I thought I’d subscribed so will try again. Keep the humor coming! I love it!!


      Welcome aboard Ellyn – when I hear that I have made someones day a bit lighter and happier – that is when I pat myself on the back – well, the shoulder is as far as I can reach – but thank you so much!!


      Mary Kay – Yep – 10 minutes!! start to finish – If it had taken more time I may have lost interest!!! Bahahahaha!!


      Welcome Faith – thank you so much – and if you love “a good upcycle project” you are going to be in ecstasy on this blog!!



      Molly – I have to be honest because I know YOU will read it and you know that my bathroom chair is typically covered with pajamas.


      thank you so much Cathy – It was much easier than I thought it would be. Thank you for reading and taking the time to leave an empowering comment!!

  4. Mary Jones

    Anything you do or touch Teresa is… well, just AWESOME!!! Love the chair, your humor and full disclosure!!! As I recall, it’s yet ‘another’ place to sit to drink your morning coffee. So when the cold weather hits and the balcony over the lake if not an option, pull your chair around in front of the rug, prop your feet upon the tub (while still in your polka dot pajamas) and you have another view out the beautiful windows!!! ha ha ha Just sayin’ You could even play bird music in the background for the full effect!!! 🙂


      Mary Jones – You have the best ideas! And the best recipes for indulging – I have made your fabulous Chocolate Blitz drink more than a few times. That is what I will be sipping from that chair when the lake is frozen. Thank you dear friend for your inspiring words.

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