The Best Thrifting Tips – Part III – The Favorites

It can be an addiction, a sort of “Thrift Porn” that draws us in.  All it takes is that first successful hit and we are addicted.


Chief Stone Face – found at an Antique Shop

We have to practice self-control or our house would be flooded with more stuff than we know what to do with.  I just keep replacing items,  as soon as I find something that captures my heart, I bring it home and find some lucky shopper who is thrilled to take the old one.

My spice of life is the constant rotation!  Thank goodness it is a cheap thrill!


He keeps watch on our front porch ready to offer cigars to guests.

When we lived in town, Garage Sales were my weakness. My friend and I would scour the ads and organize a written list of the sales.

If a sale would start on Friday, we would go on Thursday evening hoping to find people getting set up for their sale.

Leaded Glass window – Craig’s List find – just happened to be a perfect fit with our living room windows.

We would just “happen” to stop by for some early bird bargains.  It almost always paid off.

I will never forget one we stumbled upon in a great neighborhood – the garage door was wide open and a lady was sweeping and arranging her various items.

I felt my heart begin to flutter as I saw all the fabulous items lined up in neat rows down her driveway.


There were two of these leaded glass windows – the second one fit over the entry to the Sunroom.

Thinking we hit the jackpot I stop the car, slam it in park and hustle up her drive eyeing the various garden tools, rakes, shovels, lawn mowers, everything was shining like new.  There was a rototiller that I would swear had never seen dirt between its tines.

I was trying to calm my inner voice that was screeching,

“We have just found Martha Stewart’s garage sale.”

We take our time picking through this and that for closer examination.  The lady grabs her broom and begins to sweep.  Working her way closer – she asks if she can help us with anything.

Bedroom nightstands – found on Facebook Swap & Shop

I flash her my dazzling dental work and reply, “No thanks, we are just looking.”  She goes back to her sweeping.

After a few more minutes of browsing, I spot a very nice planter, spilling over with gorgeous geraniums, the deep red ones everyone loves.

My prize Armoire – Estate Sale

I walk in circles around it trying to find the price tag.

Thinking she hasn’t marked it yet – I lug it over and ask – “how much do you want for is this planter?”

She stops sweeping and leans on her broom as she politely informs us, “I am sorry.  You ladies must think I am having a garage sale – but I am just cleaning out my garage.”

Compass – Found on the Band of Gypsy’s Road Trip to North Carolina

I carefully put the planter back where I found it – we tell her she has some really nice stuff – especially that tiller.  And shamefully, my friend and I walk back to the car.

Now that you have had your chuckle for the afternoon – here are my final tips on thrifting…

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11. Some of the best items are at Consignment Shops.

Seek them out and shop often.  The items at consignment shops are the things that were considered too good to throw out or donate.  Consignment Shops are a great place if you are in the market for good quality clothing.

12.  Don’t overbuy

This is a hard one.  Just because it is a good deal does not mean you need to bring it home. Try to ask yourself where will you put it and is it really something you love.

13.  Look High and Low

When shopping – look in the unexpected places. Behind all those precious moments figurines you may find that great piece of milk glass!

14.   Remember the best places

When you find a really good garage sale with good prices, clean & gently used items, remember the location so you will recognize it the next year.

15.  Invite a friend

Get her addicted too.  You will find this hobby is more fun when you share it with a friend.

Bonus tip

If you think you have stumbled upon a sale – you might check with the owner before you start shopping…


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  1. Mary Kay

    Great tips from my favorite thrifter! What an eye you have, those leaded windows are one of my favorites. Your vision for knowing just the right spot for your thrifted treasures never ceases to amaze me!

    … and thanks for the belly laugh 😂


      Mary Kay – Thank you for being such a great shopping buddy and spotting that awesome compass…. and finding room in your jeep to get it home!


      Katie – thank you – I know you are an inner thrifter, If I can make readers like you laugh then I am a happy blogger!!

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