Sir Lotsa-Wit, From Lady Laughs-a-Lot


I have heard it said that we “marry” our fathers.

Perhaps a better way to put it is to say that our fathers may have an influence on who we marry.

In my case that has proved to be a good thing.

My dad had a permanent grin.  The contagious type of grin.

He would have you slapping your knee and spewing your drink from your nostrils twenty minutes after meeting him.

Overall, he was one of the great ones.

He never spoke a harsh word to me.

His discipline was gentle but effective.

I was about 4 when my brother and I were riding in the back seat of our Biscayne Chevy.

I had my arm dangling out the window, waving it wildly in the wind.

My dad who was apparently watching me in the rearview mirror suddenly turned the radio off…

Here was our dialog…

Dad: “Oh my goodness I feel so sorry for that poor little girl….”

Me now leaning forward to hear better: “What little girl, what happened to her?”

Dad:  “The news on the radio just said there was a little girl with her arm hanging out the window of a car and a truck came whizzing by and took her arm right off!  Her whole arm is just gone.”

So there you have it. Nothing else needed to be said.  I sat back and I never stuck my arm out the window again!

He was a gentle spirit who loved life, laughter… and me.

My husband is cut from the same mold.

He also is a gentle spirit who loves life, laughter and me.  Even his method of discipline is the same.

Besides being a great husband, dad, and grandpa, there has never been a challenge he wouldn’t tackle.



Need a stone mason? He’s got it covered.

Rebar needs cut? No problem.

Need someone to play Wyatt Earp? Give him a minute to load his water bottles.


He has a magical way of convincing me that I am still the slender, beautiful seventeen year old from decades ago.

I have mirrors and a scale that both tell a much different story.

But I am much happier living in his world of fantasy.

Before I go all mushy – I know you all are rolling your eyes and saying come on….  get real…

Okay – I will tell you real.


A while back I lost my glasses – follow our conversation.

Me: “Have you seen my glasses anywhere?

Him: “What do they look like?”

Me, a tiny bit agitated: “They are the same glasses that have been on my face for the last 5 years.”

Him: “Describe them for me…”

At this point I crack up – I cannot help myself, laughter has just extinguished any agitation that may have been brewing.

There has never been anyone who brings me so much laughter while keeping me safe from harm!

Sure, there are a few more grays than before, they add distinction.

He has more lines on his weathered face, they show his true grit and ruggedness.


What an honor to have been blessed with two incredibly awesome men in my lifetime.

Happy Father’s Day as we celebrate our lives as Sir Lotsa-Wit and Lady Laughs-a-Lot in our little Kingdom.


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  1. Emily

    Love this! George is such a wonderful man and so deserving of this tribute! Happy Fathers Day George! And Teresa, congrats on catching such a great one!! Love you guys!!


      Katie – Thank you – that note cracked me up. It did keep me from freaking out with webbing all over me!!
      Happy Father’s Day to your Andy!!

  2. Molly

    I love getting a glimpse into your kingdom of laughs – it’s especially fun to participate! Your kingdom names are fantastic!! What a wonderful Dad and Grandpa he is…I suppose I owe a thank you to MY grandpa for showing you what to look for!!


      Thanks Molls, everyday is a new adventure – I once asked him if he thought about how much laughter there is in our house – he said it must be what an asylum must sound like… Thanks for reading and commenting –
      Love – Lady Laughs-a-Lot

  3. Mary Kay

    Loved this…that’s what I always notice the most when I’m around you two, the laughter and the genuine love of each others company.
    It’s infectious….and my favorite place to be 😍


    Mary Kay – We LOVE YOU! Thank you for taking time from your day to read this blog and make such thoughtful comments. I appreciate it more than you know.
    Love – Lady Laughs-a-Lot

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