Let There Be a Homemade Light


One day at a time we are getting things done.

Some things we just check off our to-do list without much thought.

But this, this homemade light fixture takes my breath every single morning!

I am beyond excited…  so much so that I had to share with you so you could SEE for yourself!!



When we were living in our little cabin I had a lot of time to dream.  What I mean is, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest.

One day I found the perfect, fabulously unique light fixture – I thought how perfect it would look above our kitchen sink.

When I clicked on it – I found it was for sale at a very high-end store and at a  very high-end price.   Thank you, Pinterest.

Since we didn’t have this ironed out yet – we asked our electrician to leave the wire and bulb with the idea that we would finish it ourselves…


Being the thrifty couple we are, we used that high-end light fixture for inspiration.  It appeared to be a hay trolley with 2 hanging lights.

We found a Hay Trolley at a local antique shop, that had the track with it.   That was a start.  But there was still a lot of work to be done to make that antique hay trolley into a fabulous light fixture.

We hung the trolley and the progress stopped…

     …For 2 1/2 years.

That is 912 days that naked curly bulb hung over my head each time I stood at my sink.

912 pots of coffee made under that bulb.

We tend to become blind to some of the things that we will do “someday”.  Like the trim inside my closet, or I should say the lack of trim inside my closet.

But this bulb – just hanging there in its curly nakedness – I saw it every time I entered the kitchen.

With everything else on our long to-do list, our light fixture project got pushed to the bottom.

Then came Mother’s Day, and I gently asked my very busy husband in my sweetest voice, with lashes fluttering, and pouty red lips, if he could please, please, pretty please finish that light.

And with a smile – he did it!!  He just stopped all the other projects he had going on and got it done!

Honestly, now we have a more fabulously unique light than the Pinterest light fixture that cost more than our first car!

I can’t stop sharing pictures of this homemade light fixture!!!

Two of my favorite things in the house are in this picture, our country sink and that fabulously awesome homemade light fixture,

They make a fabulous duo, don’t you think?

Thanks for being there and reading this, I couldn’t wait to show you!


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    • teresa.peters@live.com

      to my thrifty blogging sista – homemade is almost always better!!
      Thank you so much Katie for always having an encouraging comment!

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Vicki – I am serious when I say that high-end fixture cost more than our first car!! The hay trolley we found was $75 the rest is just wire and bulbs! and if I say so myself I love the 5 lights better!!! So happy with this homemade project! Thank you for commenting!

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Mary – it is going to be so wonderful to see you again, we are looking forward to it… But, remember… when I show you my closet to not mention the lack of trim work!!! hahahaha!

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Mary Kay – we need to go Junkin – I need more projects!
      Thanks for taking the time to read this and leave such sweet comments.

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Oh My Goodness Molly – You are right! I forgot to mention that he added a dimmer!! You can’t see it because it is tucked away inside that trolley.
      And yes it was worth the wait. Thank you for the sweet reminder!

  1. Pat Nock

    Your home is so beautiful. It must be like a dream come true. Wishing your family much happiness. I’m sure it was a whole lot of work but well worth it!!

  2. teresa.peters@live.com

    Hello Pat – It has been a lot of work – but we are happiest when working on a project, and now that we are close to completion it has given us a renewed spirit!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment.

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