30 Year Old Lawn Furniture Gets a Face Lift, again…


You could call me crazy – I like to think of it as making use of what we have – if there is any value in something – chances are I will find it.  Then I will slather some paint on it.

When you visit, and we are sitting by the fire pit with a Muletini – I will tell you about the chairs we are sitting on….

Their life began over 30 years ago, as beautiful, natural wood with a couple of coats of clear polyurethane.

I would confess to you how I wish I had kept the natural look, it would have saved a lot of work, and paint.

Then you would notice George nod as you are reading his lips, you see him say, “I tried to tell her not to paint them, I told her she would be sorry some day.”

I take a sip of my Muletini…

It was spring in the mid 80’s,  I was driving down the street, belting out “What’s Love Got to do with It?” – Tina Turner was along for the ride.

And there they were – in a front yard to my left, with a For Sale sign!!  My heart began to flutter.

A beautifully crafted 3 piece set of outdoor furniture.  Now Pat Benatar was telling me “We Belong Together”. I took this as a sign to buy them.

I never imagined I would be sitting in these same lawn chairs in 30 years.

Shortly after we brought them home, I was “Walking on Sunshine” as we painted them a pristine white, to match our other outdoor furniture.

Matchy – Matchy – it was the 80’s… We notice George shake his head again as he stokes the fire.

Then, we welcomed them into the 21st century with a much needed coat of charcoal gray.

They have served 3 homes very well.

And now – here at Lost Mule they have become……


Espresso, a deep dark brown – perfect for hanging out by the gulch as fire pit furniture.

Then with much enthusiasm I would tell you about using the power washer!

“I pulled that trigger and all that loose paint just flew off those chairs!”

Ta Daaaa   —  they are as beautiful as they were 30 years ago, maybe even better.

“Would you like another Muletini?”




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    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Ahhh, My Tulip Sister…. I am so happy you read my post! Thank you for taking time to comment!

  1. maddy

    We love sitting in those very comfy chairs when we visit….by the fire and lake with special friends…….life is good 🙂

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Maddy – thank you for being such a positive influence in my life! They are very comfy aren’t they! Thank you for reading and leaving such a nice comment.

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Vicki – stay tuned – they might be some other color in a few more years! Thank you for reading and taking time to leave me nice comments!

  2. Mary Kay

    I just love your stories! The chairs look great and I like knowing I was right there when your pic of the fire within the wine glass was taken :))

  3. teresa.peters@live.com

    Mary Kay – we had so much fun that weekend! Thank you for the comments and for being my personal cheerleader!!
    Love you!!

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