Are You an Old Soul or a Young Soul?

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We all have a soul and each is unique. Our soul is the essence of who we are.

There are the older souls, the ones we hope our kids hang out with.  They are the “guardians” of the group. The ones who say, “You know you could get arrested for climbing that water tower.”

Then there are the younger souls, the thrill seekers.  Those souls that are always taking the dare.  The ones who are living life in the fast lane.  The “fun” people. The ones on top of the water tower.

With a can of green spray paint.


Here is story of an old soul and a young soul on a date… You should be able to tell right away which is the old soul and which is the younger soul.

* * *

It was 1970 and only the 2nd time I had the honor of sitting in that beautiful ’63 Impala convertible. The navy blue paint was intense.

I was most impressed when I learned it had been wrecked before he got it and he repaired it doing the body work and painting it himself.

The low rumble from the pipes gave me butterflies.  The guy sitting next to me – driving this beast of a muscle car was even more handsome than his car, with his long dark rebel hair and eyes of the same intense blue as the Chevy he was driving.

He had just picked me up for a date, and with the top down we slowly rumbled down the street to the stop light.

Next to us was a polished black Mustang.  Feeling the competition – the Mustang started racking his pipes as he rocked back and forth waiting for the race to begin.

Both the Mustang and our Chevy were popping clutches and lurching forward, itching for a race.  With excitement building, I smiled at my blue eyed driver, anticipating the race.  The light went from red to green, I braced my body for the forward thrust of the acceleration.

The Mustang popped his clutch and was squealing, already shifting to 3rd gear.

Our Chevy slowly pulled away from the green light. Disappointed, I looked at my blue eyed driver and asked,  “What happened, is something wrong?”  He laughed and in a confident voice he said, “This happens all the time, I have no need to impress anyone.”

* * *

You probably guessed the old soul was the driver of the Chevy and the young soul was the driver of the Mustang – and me, the story teller.

This old soul seemed very different from anyone I had dated, but he possessed a confident maturity I liked.  I knew right then behind the rock star hair and blue eyes was an old soul.

A soul with much more wisdom than my own.  A boyfriend with an older soul was someone I could trust, someone I could count on.  An opposite, that would give balance to my life.

It is interesting as we recognize the older or younger souls in ourselves or our various friends or in our children’s friends. And delve into what moral and social experiences have occurred to mold those very souls.

In this case, as in most – you could not tell by looking at him that he was an older soul.  His appearance did not seem older – it was much deeper.

This was the story of our second date.  In our case the old soul marrying the younger soul seems to have brought balance and much happiness to both our souls.

Have a great weekend and thank God for the rain!

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  1. Mary Kay

    A wonderful post! The cars of my generation too.

    I can just picture this scene, George’s coolness and your excitement. Your souls merged together just as they were meant to do 🙂

  2. Mary Jones

    Such wisdom for a young lad in George and yes, such the adventurer in you!!! Thank you for sharing the stories that give us the insight into your souls and the love you’ve hared for all these years!!!

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