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Many of you have met Gypsy.  She is the Tervuren puppy we got at Christmas.  She is absolutely delightful, but it took a long 6 weeks to trust that she was housebroken enough to allow her out of the kitchen.  The problem was that I was barricaded in the kitchen with her all that time.


I would slip out while Gypsy was sleeping to visit other rooms –

but I had to get back quick, because if she rang the bell and I wasn’t opening the back door within 3.2 seconds….

there would be a puddle waiting for me.

At bedtime, we would walk down the hall, past the living room, I would sigh looking at those gorgeous wood beams and that stunning stone fireplace.

I even resorted to bribery – by telling her how much fun she would have chasing the ball in THAT ROOM!


It finally happened!!

Gypsy has proved to be trustworthy in all rooms of the house.

I am knocking on some of this wood.

I am enjoying our living room more than ever.

Absence did make my heart grow fonder and now I am making up for lost time.

It’s where I read.

It’s where I sip my morning coffee.

It’s where I laugh when I talk on the phone…

My best creations come to me when I lay down on the couch and look up at those rustic wooden beams!

It’s the room that makes my heart skip a beat.

There is the mantle that George found in our woods.

When he found it, it was still a hickory tree with bark around it!

Oh and see those 3 shelves with the pots on them?

He made those too, out of the same log!

Don’t you just love the hickory wood with worm holes, and all that contrast?

Nature is so amazing!

Pallets can be pretty amazing too.

Like the pallet wood that frames this bison print!

These flowers on the mantle sing spring to the whole room – they are in a simple box made from….

Wait for it……

the same pallet!

I bet you already guessed that.

This is the baseboard trim.

And some sawdust!

See why I love this room?

Everything in it makes me smile, especially now that all that hard work is done!

Don’t get me wrong…

I am happy I spent all that time barricaded in our kitchen with Gypsy –

if I hadn’t, there would be more than sawdust on this floor.

I am thrilled with our puppy, Gypsy, and even more thrilled now that we are ALL allowed in the living room!

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  1. Vicki Norris

    I laughed while reading this because we never thought our Dixie would never come out of the kitchen! Now my friend has a puppy stuck in the kitchen.


      This kitchen seems to be the puppy training place! Thank you for your comments – It is nice to know I am not alone in the puppy world!!


      Thanks Maddy – As one of our favorite guests you are familiar with this wonderful living room… and Gypsy of course!

  2. Mary Kay

    If you have to be barricaded, I can’t think of a cuter reason why, but glad you’re able to enjoy that glorious living room again :))

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