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Lost Mule Lodge

… a journey that began with a cabin in the woods

Ahhh  Spring…  it is a breath of fresh air.  It changes everything.

Seriously, think about it, it is a total renewal. We clean out, we reorganize, our decorations change, our landscape changes, we shave our legs (you know who you are), our wardrobe gets brighter and our menus get lighter.

Everything seems happy, the birds are singing as they search for their new digs.  Our feet are doing the happy dance in the freedom of flip flops.

Our doors and windows are thrown open to let the fresh air blow through.

Walk into any farm store and you will hear the chirping of baby chicks waiting to go live their new life on a farm.

In the country you see baby calves, colts, lambs, and kids (the goat kind), romping and kicking – feeling their oats…  and kids (the human kind) riding their bicycles with laughter.

It all reminds me of a short little song my grandma used to sing…


Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy….  a kid will eat ivy too – wouldn’t  you?

You may remember it more like this:

Mairzy doats & dozy doats & liddle lamzy divey… a kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?

If you ever heard it – you will know the happiness of this tune.  It just sings spring!!

New life springs from the earth, sheets hang out to dry on the line.

Our Indian has shed his winter scarf and is almost cracking a smile as he watches for our next visitors.

Even the sounds have changed, when I opened the door this morning, the birds were just bursting in song!  There were cardinals, and chickadees, and every variety of finch, a nuthatch, and the tufted titmouse, and my favorite – the bluebirds.

It was barely light out!  They couldn’t wait to start their day…  There is an excitement in the air.

Our lipstick gets a shade lighter and our toenails get polished.  We stand a little taller and our smile is a bit wider.

And now – thanks to reading this little blog – you have a happy little ditty in your head as you go out and enjoy this Friday.

Spring is in the air, get out there and be the rock star you know you are….

Ohhhh… Mairzy doats & dozy doats….


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  1. Mary Kay

    A delightful post! I love all your pictures depicting Spring at Lost Mule Lodge.

    I’m not fan of Winter (even the mild ones), so seeing such beautiful signs of renewal does my soul well 🙂

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Thank you Mary Kay – The beginning of every season is my favorite season. You are right, there is a renewal that comes with spring.

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Hey Katie – I am sure this one left a few people scratching their heads… I would bet your mom knows it. So glad it made you smile.

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