Gypsy Dancer’s First Ride


Lost Mule Lodge

… a journey that began with a cabin in the woods

Wait just a minute.  Let me get this straight.  You want me to get in this car, you close the doors and we travel to somewhere else?  But, why?   Have we run out of food here? I don’t get it?

Everyone was so excited about taking a ride in the car.  Everyone but me.  I wasn’t so comfortable with this whole car ride thing.

I am perfectly happy right here, catching snowflakes on my tongue.


Alright, alright.  I will go.  I can get in by myself.  Well, I can almost get in by myself…  HELLOOO…a little help here…  Whoa….  I can’t ride in the front, on her lap?  I may need to rethink this… I thought I was going to get to ride up front, in her lap…..

You want me in the back?  But Jesse and Bella are already back there.  Please oh please let me ride in your lap.

Great, not only am I in this car but now I have to ride in the back… with the dogs.

We were going on a ride to see a guy named Vet.  Vet Narian.   I admit, I was nervous, ok… there, I said it.  I try to be a big girl, but I am still just a baby, really.

We headed up the familiar driveway, past the mailbox…  Now this was new territory.  I had never been past the mailbox before.  The road was very twisty. “How much further is this guy named Vet?  These hills are making me….  ugh oh….”

I never meant to poop in the car, it just happened  –  I got nervous.

Suddenly everyone was choking, and gasping.  All the windows come down and the 22 degree wind was blowing through the car.  Jesse and Bella each have a window and they couldn’t seem to get their long noses out those windows far enough.

Everyone in the front seat was wiping their eyes, oh my gosh, were they crying?  They looked like they were crying.

Everyone was upset with me. Bella was giving me her evil side eye and Jesse scolded me –

“We were all having a great car ride until YOU had to go and do THAT in the car!”

And up in the front seat there were gasps for air… and tears.

It was at this moment I became HIS dog.  I heard her words, “Oh Honey, YOUR dog just pooped in the car…”  He didn’t seem too happy that he was the sole owner of me, a poopy puppy.

Finally we arrived at Vet’s place.  Everyone seemed to be in a big hurry to get out of the car.  She took Jesse and Bella and he came around to get me…  no one was smiling.

Once we were inside – I got weighed in at a whopping 28 pounds! Ten minutes ago I might have been 29.  Then I got to meet Vet Narian…  He was nice and checked me over, looked in my eyes and ears.  They distracted me with some healthy snack that wasn’t very tasty, while Vet gave me a shot.  I was brave, it didn’t hurt.

Then they told Vet what I did in the car.  Now I was hurt!!  I was humiliated.  Vet gave us some paper towels and we went out to clean up the stinky mess I made in the car.

I was sorry I let that happen, sorry for about a minute…  That’s the best part about being a dog, we are pretty happy go lucky creatures and I had forgotten all about it once that stench was gone.  We all got back in the car – Everyone was careful to avoid coming near “that area”.

I was so happy to be back home. Tired from an exhausting day – Jesse and I went straight to sleep, in usual Belgian Tervuren style, on our backs.  As I laid there,  I wondered…  since my ancestors are from Belgium – and since Belgium is on the other side of the world, do they sleep on their stomachs?

Everyone got over the poop incident.  Jesse is close to letting me sleep with him in his cubby. And I can tell that he and Bella love me.  They keep a close eye on me when I go outside to potty in the woods.

Did you catch that?  I potty in the woods now!  I’ve grown up a lot since we last talked!

Spring is almost here and I have birds to chase and holes to dig, and lots of new stuff to sniff.

So, bow wow for now!!



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  1. Becky

    Funny you did not name this blog Gypsy Dancers First and Last Ride. I am in awe that you all took the doggie trio together but once you have an appointment with Vet Narian you might as well make it a family affair. Humor comes in many forms and it’s great you all could laugh at the smelly surprise – what’s left to do but go mad and that’s never conducive in a smelly confined area that rolls around on 4 tires. Keep laughing because you always make me laugh too.

  2. Mary Kay

    I laughed all the way through this!!! Oh Gypsy Dancer, I can’t wait to meet you, and see your brother and sister too :))

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