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We never had a bar in any of our other houses.  We have wanted one for years.  My Aunt and Uncle had one in their house, and after that first visit – we have wanted one ever since.  They lived in a modest home, nothing special about it at all, just a plain vanilla house….

Until you went downstairs!

It was like Dave and Busters on steroids!

They had a pool table and bells on the walls they would clang when someone accidentally hit the 8 ball in the pocket.  There were pinball machines that made a joyous racket!  They even had a miniature bowling alley!  You couldn’t help but be happy there.  It was a place where everyone had a great time.

That was the inspiration for our downstairs.  A place where everyone can have a great time.  A party room.

With a little less Razz-a-mat-azz!

I believe my fun loving – large living, Aunt and Uncle were truly the only people on the planet that could pull off having a space like that!

So here we are, years later, jumping up and down with excitement that we finally have a home bar.  No pool table, no pin ball machines.  But you can clang that bell on the wall for when you show your winning poker hand.  It deserves a double clang when you win at SPOONS.

See all those fancy foo foo glasses?  I have been to some mighty fine thrift shops collecting this one and that one.   I would guess people tossed them out because one of the set got broken.  This is a win for me – because with non matching glassware, your guests always know which glass is theirs!

And those decanters! The first decanter I ever saw was on a television series called “Dallas”.  JR Ewing would pour a drink out of decanters like these every time he walked through the front door.  It could have been sweet tea for all we knew – but it sure looked fancy.

Margarita’s, Long Islands, Muletini’s, Fireball Sangria…  they have all been the “drink of the day” at the Lodge.  And now we have added a bar for serving these magnificent mixes!  It is not fully finished yet – but it is fully functional!

This log is still waiting in our woods to be pulled out and cut into slabs so it can be finished to perfection. It will become the front part of the bar for seating.

The great thing about having a space like this in our home, is not so much about the bar or the alcohol – the real joy is having a place where our guests can gather to share life stories or solve world problems.

If something gets spilled it is no big deal.  If a glass gets broken, the thrift store will have more.  If someone runs inside and leaves Gulch water tracks on the floor, no body is going to care!  It’s all good!  It is a fun space, a party room.

Peters’ Pub may be lacking the Dave and Busters appeal that my Aunt and Uncle’s was – but we are hoping for some great memories!

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    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Oh Katie – Maddy and Terynce just left this morning. We were talking about a weekend this summer for us to get together again. So ready to start entertaining again!

  1. Vicki Norris

    This is how our outdoor kitchen is for us. A comfortable place to enjoy friends and family! I need to come up with special drinks now.

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Vicki – ahhh… your outdoor kitchen looks fantastic and you get the joy of it most of the year – sweet Texas!! Good luck finding your special drinks, be careful sampling!

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