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I don’t think it is a coincidence that the older I get the happier I become. My life is simple and I am grateful for the life I live.  But I believe there is more to it.

Learning to create your own happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy.  Most of my experiences have come from the “School of Hard Knocks”.  Today I am sharing some tips I have learned along the way.


I have learned that a bit of nature’s tranquility humbles the heart...

Everyday I get outdoors and let nature wash over me.  The smells, the feel of the suns rays on my face and the sounds of nature.  I listen to the honking of geese flying over or the wind rattling the cottonwoods.  Whatever I see, hear and smell, I try to soak it all in, even if just for a moment.

I have learned to be grateful for all I have….

I have never been wealthy but I am wise enough to know that I have been blessed with enough.  The car we drive is 14 years old…  the clothes I wear would be considered comfortable, and I am good with that.  I have learned that happiness is not a new car, or a new outfit or anything that can be bought.  I am past thinking material things will bring happiness.

I have learned that what others think of me isn’t my concern.

I cannot stop others from being judgmental.  I am the best person I can be and if that isn’t enough for someone else then I am okay with that.  It took years to get here, but I am happier caring less what others think of me.

I have learned to laugh at myself…

We all make mistakes – when I learned to lose the defensiveness and just laugh it off, it was a happiness milestone.

For example – while opening a bottle of wine for our guests it was mentioned that I open wine in a strange way.  I turn the bottle while holding the corkscrew still instead of turning the corkscrew…  first I must say that I love that my guest felt comfortable enough to bring this unusual way of wine opening to my attention.  Secondly, I am glad that I was able to see myself through their eyes and crack up at myself.  Although I have been opening wine this way for years,  until it was brought to my attention, I never thought about it.  Laughing at myself is my best entertainment.  We are still laughing about this.  And who knows, I may be onto something.  I may change the way the world opens wine!!

I have learned that Humor really is the best medicine…

Humor can ward off the most irritable situations, I try to find it in everyday things.  For example, when I recently wanted my husband to take out the trash….  I found him in the garage and through slightly gritted teeth, I said to him, “you might want to take out the trash soon.”  His response was in true George fashion.  Cracking me up…  he says in a surprised voice – “How did you know?”

This could have been a testy confrontation, but because of who we have become, it became a source of laughter.


I have learned to stop comparing myself to others…

There will always be someone smarter, prettier, younger, with thighs that don’t touch.  I have learned to accept and be happy with who I am.

I am learning to stop being a “Right Fighter”…

I still struggle but am trying to stop being a “right fighter” – keeping the argument going until the other person agrees with me.  I am learning that we all think we are right. I am learning that I would rather be happy than right.

I have learned to turn off the news…

I am happiest when our home is filled with music, music that makes me sing and sway.  Latin music makes my feet do the happy dance.

I have learned to calm down…

A good reminder of this is in the worst of traffic – take a look around at the miserable expressions on the faces of the other motorist – take a deep breath and remind yourself to relax, it’s not THAT bad!

I have learned to forgive and let go…

I have learned to let go of grievances…
when I see people who are obsessed with negative issues, I can only imagine the misery they will feel until they learn to let it go.

I have learned to let go of expectations…

Years ago, I would have expectations of an anniversary dinner or any special occasion. I would visualize the evening and play out every detail in my head, only to be filled with disappointment when things didn’t play out as they did in my sweet imagination.  It is best to not allow the expectations to enter my head and to be happy with whatever happens.

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  1. Katie @pixiedustandwhiskey.com

    This was beautiful! Sharing! ❤️ P.S. I also open wine bottles that way! It helps me get the corkscrew in straight! Lol!

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Thank you for sharing Katie! It seems those lessons from the School of Hard Knocks are the best! The next time you open a bottle of wine by turning the bottle instead of the corkscrew I hope you laugh!!!

  2. Mary Jones

    So very true Teresa!!! It’s always such a pleasure to read your blogs! They all express the calm and beautiful simple life but this one for sure!!! Thanks for sharing!

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