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Most couples go to dinner or see a movie for entertainment.  We create and build stuff.  It is how we spend our free time.  We get dressed in our finest paint stained clothes and begin our latest creation.  As crazy as it sounds – it is our entertainment!  It is our drug.  And we are both addicted!

It starts with a discussion about what we need and how we can get it done.  Then he gets out the paper and starts sketching – the white out correction tape plays a big part in those sketches. Soon we have something that ignites our excitement.

Next, we list all the materials we need.  Then we joyfully hop in the pick up and head to our local Home Depot, which feels like a social visit!  I really love those people.

Then the party gets started with the sound of the buzzing saw as he begins the cuts. Then starts the beat of the nail gun, while I start  painting, sanding and staining – all in an effort to bring that sketch to life.

While mostly working in harmony – we occasionally sneak a peak at “Sneaky Pete” – our newest binge watch from Amazon.  When we feel we are running out of steam, we listen to Finger & Kadel’s – Kalinka – this is the BEST pick me up music ever – I dare you to try it.  It is better than a shot of expresso!

When there is something I like that is extra or a bit more difficult – all I have to ask is,

“Do you think YOU could create something difficult – like arches above those shelves instead of straight boards?”

This is how I get the tough stuff done folks – he cannot help himself – CHALLENGE ON!!

Sneaky Pete’s got nothing on me!!!


To get the distressed look is a lot of extra work – it isn’t easy to make new wood look old.  First I painted the wood.  Then I strategically sanded off places to give a worn look, like on corners and edges.  Next, I applied stain to the bare sanded wood.  Once that is dry I applied the first coat of polyurethane.

Then to get a smooth finish, I used a fine sand paper and sanded it one more time for a slick finish.  Finally I applied a second coat of polyurethane – If you skip this step the surface will be rough and catch on your dust rag later.

I know this from experience, you want a smooth surface in order to keep it clean.

The real fun is when the project is complete and we give each other a high five – then we remember that is so old school –

so we do a fist bump with an explosion sound.  Then we collapse on the couch to admire our work!

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