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Typically I am not into antiques.  But this Hoosier cabinet was the perfect solution for our storage issues in the cabin kitchen.  Back when the cabin was our weekend retreat, the kitchen only had one upper cabinet, and we used that for storing food.  Our 2 cups, 4 bowls, 4 plates and some mismatched glassware were beautifully showcased in our newly refurbished Hoosier cabinet.  It was the crown jewel of that kitchen.

It was one of those glorious days when you are out with your BFF hitting the garage sales and between the laughter and the wrong left turn – BOOM, there it was, waiting in the gravel of a long country driveway.

I admit that as we delved into this project I could have scrapped the whole thing at any given moment.  It would have been easy to kick it to the curb and never look back.  It was dirty, it had some funny smells….  not the funny “haha” kind of funny, but the other kind of funny.   Basically it was in very poor condition.

It was not love at first site.  But the price was right and you know how we love a project…. and a bargain.  So we hauled it home and started refurbishing.

Eeeew….  it was a nasty project.

It seemed like a miniature demolition.  The deeper we got – the more repair we had to do.  It was a mess.  I am sure I detected an occasional side eye from my hubby as we worked on this together.

We knocked out the wood on the upper doors and the tilt out drawers, thinking glass inserts would look better.  Then we discovered a problem.  The wood inserts were  out of square.  Our local glass shop was able to use the wood inserts as a pattern to cut the glass into crooked squares for a perfect fit!


After much repair and rebuilding the sanding and painting started to bring some promise.

This was one of those projects that tests your patience and your sanity.  Looking back at all that work, I do wonder,


Sometimes, you take chances on a misfit piece.  Now that the work is done we are happy to have it.

It served us well in that old cabin kitchen.

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      Thank you Katie – You could do this, you know in your spare time…. between Daisy Duke, the 2 toddlers, your blog and life in general!

  1. Mary Kay

    This turned out beautifully. You have such a talent for giving sad rejected pieces a new life 🙂

    I inherited a Hoosier cabinet from my grandma. She kept it out on her porch. It was in great shape, but painted a god awful shade of green.

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