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There were only two things I loved about this old door, the arched glass windows.  Both of them.  The minute I saw it I envisioned a gorgeous vintage door with faux stained glass in stunning ambers and frost.


What I didn’t love about it were the multiple layers of paint that had to be scraped off.  I never envisioned the paint stripping chemical burning through my gloves making my hands sting for days.


I admit to you my friends – after that incident this door sat abandoned and neglected for a very long time before I had any motivation to work on it again.

I worked on everything BUT this door…  I crocheted half a dozen infinity scarves, I made loaves of focaccia bread, I decorated for Christmas, I hid Easter Eggs, I planted flowers, I celebrated our nations birthday, I bought Halloween candy, I ate the Halloween candy, I even started a blog.


Finally, the day came.  Our doorless, open linen closet convinced me that it NEEDED that door.  So, I started again.

Once I got through the old paint, I began to see the damaged wood was too severe to ever be that richly stained wood that I had originally envisioned.  A fresh coat of paint would cover all those scars, and wounds from a life well lived.


Paint or stain, those arched windows were still fabulous.  Our linen closet had waited long enough.  So, after the paint job I was ready to begin the faux leaded glass.


I started applying the faux lead strips in a pattern that I felt matched the unique windows.  It was a combination of two different designs I had found on Pinterest.  Once this design was outlined I had to seal the connecting gaps with the liquid leading.


The products are all from Gallery Glass and available through Amazon or at your craft store, if you are lucky enough to have one nearby.


We put an amber colored bulb in the closet to enhance the color even more.


The finished product looks pretty good considering what it looked like in the beginning.

And my linen closet is so happy it’s glowing!


Before and After

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      Thank you Ban – It is an easy project – the kids could use plexi glass and create a sun catcher for a window. They would love it!

      ps – the faux stained glass is easy – the door… not so much!

  1. Mary Jones

    Hi lady Teresa…
    To quote Steve’s grandchild, “I just don’t know what to say about that.” 🙂
    I’m speechless for any words about your phenomenal talent!!! Truly a work of art. How wonderful for you (and George) to enjoy the fruits of your labor for years… for everything in your entire home!!! Thanks always for sharing!!!


      Thanks Mrs. Jones! We are currently working on a pub for downstairs… Peters” Pub – can’t wait for you guys to see it!


      Mary Kay – thank you. You need to get up here to see it. We have been working on our pub and it is kicking our butts! Hope to be done soon.

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