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Our two neighbor boys walked out their front door this morning to go to school.  Much like they do everyday.  But today they ran back inside in tears.

While they were getting ready for their school day, their dog had been run over and lay dead in the street.  This was the start of their day.  My heart broke hearing the news and knowing their pain.  Most dog owners have been there.  We have all had a beloved dog die.  But, to these boys and this family, not only did their beloved dog die alone in the street.  But no one stopped.  There was no apology knocking at the door.   There was no warning of what they were about to see.

I understand accidents happen, and perhaps the driver may not have realized they had hit the dog.  However, there are some who do not value the life of a family pet.  There are some who have never known the reward of a dogs unconditional love.  They may have no understanding that a dog can be a treasured family member.  There are those who do not understand the difference between a pet goldfish and the family dog.  For these people I extend my sincere sympathies, because to never know a dogs love is their loss.

There is a reason dogs are considered “man’s best friend”.  The bond between a dog and his master are deep for a multitude of reasons.  When we look into a dogs eyes we can see his soul, and they can see ours. They have an amazing ability to read our emotions.  Their love is unconditional.  My dearest friend said it best – it was her dogs she felt most comfortable with after the horrendous loss of her daughter  – it was their fur that soaked up her mountain of tears.

Our dogs bring light to our day, get us outdoors, force us to exercise, bring us laughter and joy.  All things that are good for us.

There is nothing like the experience of the heartfelt greeting upon coming home.  All dog owners know it.  Whether you’ve been gone 5 minutes or 5 days, the genuine happiness we are greeted with can uplift even our darkest days.  Overall – dogs make us better human beings.

So, to anyone who does not recognize the value of a dog or has not felt the unconditional love of a dog, my sympathies to you, for you are missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures.

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  1. Katie

    Oh that is so sad! When Daisy Duke was hit at our old house the drivers didn’t stop then either. It was the neighbor who saw it and came to see that she was okay. So true how you describe the unconditional love of our dogs. It’s like no other. ❤️


    Katie – thank you again for your kind words. I felt so bad for my neighbors having to see their dog like this. But also to think anyone would hit a dog and just keep driving, as if it had no value…. at least my neighbors know the love and value of a dog. Those who do not know of a dogs value are the ones who are missing out.

  3. Maddy

    Whoever came up with the phrase “man’s best friend” was spot on. I find myself defending my dogs when they are accused of doing something “bad” just like I do my children….they are family💚


      Maddy – All my life dogs have filled my heart with joy. I cannot imagine a life without a dog. You are one of the lucky ones to have the gift of a dogs love.

  4. Vicki Norris

    My dog was hit by a car in front of me and the person who hit him just shrugged his shoulders. I was devastated and in mourning for a long time. Whether we lose our pets tragically like this or to old age, we lose a bit of ourselves. They are our best friends, chief confidante, and partners in crime or craziness. I can’t even imagine my life without a dog. Thank you for this lovely post, my deepest condolences to the boys and their family.


      Thank you Vicki for your heartfelt comment. I also watched as my dog, still a big pup, was hit by my school bus one morning. First the front wheel rolled over him and as he was struggling to get up the dual wheels rolled over him. Every kid on that bus watched me from the windows as I scoop him up from the street and took his lifeless body inside. I was in 2nd grade. Those memories never leave. I’m with you, life without a dog is unimaginable.

  5. Mary Kay

    My heart breaks for those boys. Our pets are the source of our greatest joys and also our greatest sorrows.

    I can’t imagine a life without my beloved furry things. As I type this I am surrounded by my fat kitty Lily (she found me in a park), my little guy Sam (rescued from a ditch on a freezing November night), and Ty also a rescue and my 85lb baby, who is quick to lick my tears away.

    “There are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source” -Doris Day-

  6. Donna Fincher

    This broke my heart. It would deviate me if any of my babies were to be hit by a vehicle. I’m so sorry for your neighbors.
    On a good note, your fur babies are all so, well kissable is the best discription I can think of this early in the morning. And Miss Gypsy Dancer all cuddled up next to her new buddy is priceless. Thank you for sharing the photos. It brought a smile to my teary eyed face after reading about the sad, horrible news of those boys finding Thier baby that way.
    As always, your posts are my morning coffee readings. Thank you and kiss your sweet fur babies for me💋
    Donna Hayes Fincher

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