Presto Chango with Iron Pipe

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How could we have not seen this? We walk up and down these steps several times a day.  Our guests have been up and down these steps dozens of times. They have been so kind to not mention the ugliness of all that splintery wood on our banister.  But now I think I understand the requests for the bandaids.

It was a combination of rough and splintered 2×4’s, some 2×2’s and pieces of scrap fence panel.



It was built in a frenzy to keep our little visitors safe. It was one of those things that had panic priority. The danger alarm was screaming –

“stop with the installation of that water heater and build me!”



In a panic we scoured the garage and the yard for whatever would be functional and temporary.

It was crude.

Two years later – our temporary, functional and crude banister remained.

We had become blind to it.


Then suddenly, on a Thursday morning,  while walking downstairs, with coffee in one hand and the other reaching for that crude railing….

There it was – as it had been every single day for the past 2 years.


It served the purpose well. But now we needed something with a little more….. what is it…. uummmm…. STYLE?


He measured pipe, he cut pipe, he put the pipe in pairs, he welded larger pipe over smaller pipe, he ground the pipe, he painted the pipe, he attached the pipe to flat iron.



Finally, after two years of crude stair railing and an entire weekend of cutting and welding – We were ready for the installation of his latest creation.


He asked me to help carry it inside.  When we carried it in – I held it in place as he got it secured.

I was and still am giddy with happiness at the sight of it.



It was perfect.  It was functional. The temporary and the crude were gone!  It is the most gorgeous banister I have ever seen.


A big apology to our past guests for the splinters you must have gotten while using this handrail.

Again – kudos to my man for his welding skills. All I have to do is dream it – and Presto Chango – he builds it!

I am giddy with happiness at the sight of him too.


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      Thanks Molls, It is awesome isn’t it? More proof that that man can do anything! Thank you for your sweet comment!


      Hey Thanks Dana – It is so much better than that splintered wood and fence panel. And thank you for reading and taking time to comment! We appreciate it!

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