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Hi there – it is good to finally meet you. For some reason we have not been introduced yet.  When I saw the post about those stupid chickens – I knew it was time for me to take matters into my own paws.

I am Gypsy… Gypsy Dancer when I am in big trouble. Every time anybody does something wrong – they are immediately identified by both names. So mostly I am called Gypsy Dancer. I am 12 weeks old now, but have been living with these empty nesters for a whole month now. I have a brother and sister that live here too.  But make no mistake –

I am the biggest.

I am the smartest.

I am the fastest.

I am the strongest.

This is Bella, my step sister, and a tattle tale.  She is old, wise and tired… mostly she is tired of me. She never does anything wrong, so I have no idea what her middle name is.

This is Jesse – he is my brother from another mother. I adore him because he plays with me. Here is a picture I found of me winning a wrestling match!  I am really putting a move on him, because I am stronger than him.

Our kitchen looks like the Ring of Honor Wrestling commercials on most afternoons.  I wrestle with him to prove that I am bigger and stronger than him.  I will let you in a little secret, I have a tiny crush on Jesse.

Jesse’s middle name is James. I have heard it a time or two. Mostly when he steals things.

Like the time I found the perfect stick, Jesse stole it from me and put it in the woods. He steals every stick I find.  The woods are an absolute MESS now. It is going to take me forever to get all those sticks picked up.  I would bet you would find more than my sticks in those woods…  I have heard stories about him stealing drills, hammers, tape and even a screwdriver.  All in the woods…  Just sayin’.

Jesse and I are both Belgian Tervuren Shepherds.  We are from a town in Belgium called Tervuren – well actually we have ancestors from Belgium, we were born in the beautiful state of Missouri.

Let’s talk potty training, other K9’s refer to this as “housebreaking”… but remember, I belong to empty nesters and they keep calling it potty training.  Whatever you call it – it means I am to potty outdoors…  each and every single time with zero exceptions.

Let me make it perfectly clear… It is not my fault that it takes them forever to put on their shoes, gloves, hat and coat and attach my leash – I can only hold it for so long… what do they expect?

I like it here, these empty nesters can be obnoxious sometimes with all their rules and face kisses. I get in a lot of trouble because Bella is always tattling on me.  But everyone loves me and I am fed well.

I have to go now, there are so many table legs and chairs that I still need to sink my teeth into – and this blogging thing is hard without opposed thumbs.

I am happy we finally met.

Life is Good!


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  1. Donna Fincher

    Oh my goodness👍. Larry and I read this at dinner just now. We both loved every word.. Bella not having a middle name because…., definitely made us laugh. So happy Gypsy is selltled in. Your story tonight was so much appreciated.
    Love all your fur babies.
    Donna, Larry, & fur babies; Reba & Karma

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Donna and Larry, Reba and Karma, Thank you so much for taking time to read and leave a comment on my blog. I am getting an extra treat tonight because I made you laugh. Thank you!!

      Gypsy Dancer

  2. Mary

    “Cute”… you’re just so darned cute Gypsy Dancer, you’re the puppy that everyone wants to pick up and cuddle and kiss and rock back and forth like a baby in our arms!!! Be kind to your older and wiser step sister, Bella, remember, she’s tired and you will be too… someday. Learn from your Brother, Jesse… playing with him is your reward. But most of all, listen to your Mommy and Daddy; they always know best and someday you’ll understand.

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Hello there Mary – I know you are right about them knowing best – but I just want to run free and chase the rabbits and squirrels, but they say I am still to young. Thank you for saying I am cute. I saw myself in the mirror and you are right – I am cute! Thank you for commenting – I am getting a cookie for each comment – so Yummy!!

      Gypsy Dancer

  3. dAVE.

    Wonderful stuff, hope you grow up as big and strong as your brother. Psst you are not really that big yet, give it a couple of yeaU WILL BE THO.

    • Dave

      Hi its Dave again I think you are probably smarter than me, you had no mistakes in your blog, my comment went a bit wrong at the end. Should read ” years you will be tho.”

      • teresa.peters@live.com

        Hi Dave – I totally understand – you might try using your opposed thumbs. I love that you read and took time to comment on my blog – Thanks to you I am eating very well. I will be writing again – the pay tastes good and I have lots and lots of material.

        Gypsy Dancer

  4. Vicki Norris

    Gypsy girl, you are so cute and smart and clever. Even though Bella might lose her patience with you, I’m sure she loves you and the energy you bring to the house. It makes her remember when she was a puppy. You are the luckiest doggie girl in the world to be with such a great family! Keep them in line.

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Hey Vicki – I feel like I know you – I have seen pics of your sweet pups on Facebook – I saw one time where someone told you they were spoiled… Well, i am here to tell you they are NOT spoiled, just loved. Thank you for reading this and taking time to leave such a nice comment. Tell your doggies hello for me!

      Gypsy Dancer

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Thank you Judy, I get more adorable each day as I learn to potty outdoors. Thanks to you for this comment – because I’m snacking on a bacon strip as I type this!!

      Gyspy Dancer

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Dear Helen – Thank you for your nice comment. There are so many things going on everyday. I can’t wait to tell you about them in my next post. Because you left a comment – I get a cookie – only this time it is some sort of a beefy stick thing, it is delicious – Thank you!

  5. Mary Kay

    Oh my goodness! I can’t wait to meet you Gypsy! You are beautiful! I’m good friends with your brother and sister. Jesse likes to wake me up when I visit. When you grow up, he’ll show you how 🙂

    p.s. Bella and Jesse know to check my pockets when I come..

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Hi Mary Kay!! I have heard all about you. That you are a fabulous person who just loves loves loves dogs of all kinds. When you come to visit be sure to have something in your pockets for me! Hey – a funny coincidence is that we have a chicken named Mary Kay…. Thank you for being so nice to all dogs and me. I already love you.

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Hello there Katie – I want to read more about Daisy Duke. She sounds FUN – you know… since you always use her middle name. Thank you for reading my blog and especially for sharing it!!
      Give Daisy Duke a lick on the face… right on her mouth please and let her know it is from me!!

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