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Here we are, in the middle of January already – how are your New Year resolutions doing?  Yeah….  mine either.  I was going to soak in this tub with a glass of wine and a book, at least 2 times a week in 2017.  Let’s just say it is a good thing I took this picture 2 weeks ago – because there hasn’t been water in it since!

It really is a wonderful experience.  Soaking in a hot slipper tub is best when you can look out those windows and see a blanket of snow. The wine tastes better when looking at snow too!

Ok, looking at this photo I am renewing my resolution to do this more often.  That is the great thing about resolutions.  You can always reset and be less committal –  see how I just did that?  On New Year’s Eve I committed to twice a week…

but now I am going easy on myself and just saying “more often”.  I can do “more often”!!  When you think about it – making a resolution to bathe more often should not be that difficult!

We are just more the “shower” type.

This vanity was my first attempt at actually building something.  Wait, technically that is not true.  My first attempt at building this vanity is now a work bench in our garage.

So this would be my second attempt.  The beauty of “Rustic” is that all the imperfections just add to the rustic feel.

The one in the garage is REALLY rustic!!

I finished the wood with marine/spar urethane.  It is the way to go when wood is being mixed with splashing water, toothpaste smears & soap splatter.

The 3 baskets on the lower shelf help keep the counter space clear.

The chair hiding over in the corner is usually holding our clothes. Sometimes they are hanging off the arms, over the back or just piled in the seat.  But for you – today I replaced those clothes with some red towels.

I know I have told you before, and no doubt you will hear it again.  My husband can do anything!  He really is amazing. People call him MacGyver.  This is the awesome tile work he did in our shower.

The only problem with him being able to do so much is that he is just one man, with just 2 hands and it all takes time.  Which explains to you why we have been living in this fabulous new home for 2 years and still have a few things in progress.

Until we meet again…  I am pouring a glass of wine and headed to that slipper tub.  And when I step out of that tub – Uncle Buck will be sneaking a peek as he always does.  Do you see him?

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  1. Katie @pixiedustandwhiskey.com

    This post has inspired me to make the same resolution. Starting tonight! (After the kiddos are in bed, of course.) 😁 Sadly, we don’t have your view which inspires me to find some good wall art for the bathroom. I sense a visit to the flea market in my near future.

  2. teresa.peters@live.com

    Katie – we should all just resolve to be better to ourselves! With little ones it can be difficult. And hey – I know of some great flea markets!!!

  3. Donna Fincher

    Hahaha, love the idea but my tub is a … Ummm not sure but I know when I lay down the waters not deep enough to cover me 😕. And not long enough to straighten my legs out. Bahaha

  4. teresa.peters@live.com

    Hey there Donna, You know there have been too many times to count that I have gone to bed with make up on or stayed in my paint clothes long after the painted project has dried – sometimes we get so busy taking care of everything and everyone else that we put ourselves last. My hope is that we can all take time for ourselves, if it is a bath, or a manicure or whatever. We all just need to be kinder to ourselves. Thank you for reading my blog and posting a comment.

  5. Mary Kay

    I love that tub, and your beautiful bathroom! I like nothing better then a good long soak while reading a book.
    Would definitely be even more enjoyable in a tub like that with a pretty view outside 🙂

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