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…a journey that began with a  cabin in the woods

Within a week of moving to our little cabin – we purchased six – one year old Buff Orpingtons and a coop.

We locked the hens in the coop and loaded it all on a trailer behind the Silverado – we were about 2 miles into a 10 mile drive back to the cabin  and it started storming. The hail was slamming us.  We pulled under a gas station awning for shelter.  A couple of other vehicles had sought cover under the same awning.  We got some strange looks as we pulled through far enough that the trailer pulling the coop & hens was protected but our truck was taking a beating. For the next 2.5 years we were eating eggs everyday in everything!  Sometime late last summer my great layers stopped producing eggs.  It was the dreaded menopause.  I guess hens peak early.

They all roam free throughout the property, happily clucking and scratching for insects. The minute I step outside they turn on their thrusters to race toward me. This is my daily affirmation.

Since our ladies are post menopausal, we get our eggs from our neighbor now.  Compare the store bought “cage free” egg to my neighbor’s egg.  Farm fresh eggs from happy chickens are darker, richer and so much better.



I know you want to meet the Ladies of the Pollo Club – Pollo is Chicken in Spanish, you’ve probably seen it on the menu at that Mexican restaurant.

No matter what the others are up to you can find Molly strutting happily by herself with her party feathers.  No grasshopper is safe when Molly is out of the coop.


‘Mily : short for Emily – in her case the E is silent….  this chick is solid muscle!  She could win a war against all bugs by herself! I once spotted her catching a beetle in flight.

Michelle is always counting the other chicks, she does a great job keeping them in line. It is a very difficult job but she seems up for the challenge.  Look, even in this picture she is saying to the others, “don’t make me come over there!”

Maddy can be easily identified by her brilliant red feathers and bright red comb – she sings more than she clucks.  More of a songbird than a chicken.

This may look like Meg Ryan – but it is Mary Kay.  You can catch her offering lotions and trying to apply lipstick to the beaks of the other ladies… She knows that when you look good, you feel good.

RIP Little Marsha, we all miss her, she was a “productive” member of the Pollo Club.  Whatever got her – I’m sure this little fireball put up a good fight.

Mealy worms with yogurt or fruit is a favorite at the Pollo Club.

I felt it was a pretty good trade – I gave them mealy worms and in return they gave me farm fresh eggs.

Even though their productive days are done, they will live out their happy lives here on the farm.

If you are interested in raising chickens there are two particular sites I found very informative  – one is the other is

I hope you were not eating as you were reading this….  if so – sorry.

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  1. Becky myers

    After studying the photos of your chickens My 3 year old granddaughter said “tell Teresa she can’t put worms in the bowl”. So there is a post from one of your youngest blog followers. My comment as a mature blog follower is “I’ll cluck to free range, menopause, living out a happy life and humor in a bowl.


      Thank her for following!! Next time she visits – we will see if she wants to feed them the mealy worms. They absolutely love them!!

  2. Mary Jones

    Spelling Correction 🙂
    Now I know what to do with our mealy worms – bring them with us!!! (Smiley face).
    Steve and I purchased mealy worms for the Mama birds last Spring, put them in a little white swing and hung it in the backyard tree. Several weeks later, the mealy worms had been untouched so back into the garage they went. Unlike you, I failed to do my research.
    I love that you’ve named your “chicks’ because of course they’re part of your family!

    Reading about your simple life is infectious – I bring my glass of water into the office (my morning coffee) and sit down to read your blog(s). Thank you Teresa for providing such simple pleasures in our lives as well!!!


      This made my dreary rainy day much brighter! I love that you look forward to reading about our frugal – do it yourself – simple life!
      Yes, you will see how much the ladies love mealy worms!

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