The Windows that Frame those Views

Some of the most cherished aspects of our home are the views.  Every season, each of these windows frames it’s own magnificence.

Living in our little cabin before the construction of our home gave us plenty of time to design and plan.

We had no idea how windows were such a critical part to the overall look and feel of a home.  We spent weeks drawing the window style and placement trying to get the right look.

We used a ton of graph paper and more erasers than pencils.

The Kitchen Window Drawing

We needed the visual and with our drawings we got visuals of all shapes, sizes, grid and no grid, it was a challenge.  We laughed, we measured and we agreed to disagree, and we started again and again.


The Kitchen Windows Framed

There are 52 windows in this house – many of those are stacked on top of other windows.  The arrangement was a much more difficult job than we thought.

The Kitchen Windows Finished with Trim

We would draw the wall, measure and re-measure.  Once we had the window placement where we wanted them – we still had to decide which ones would be picture (non opening), casement or double hung.

The Great Room – Our Window Drawing

After that we had to decide which ones would get grid and what type of grid.  When we built our previous homes it was common practice that all the windows would have the same appearance throughout the house.


The Great Room Windows Framed

But this was not a common practice house.  So, we took the challenge to design each room differently.  Just look at that view, the windows were the frame to that gorgeous masterpiece.



The Great Room – Finished with Trim

When we designed the living room and kitchen we left the center without grid for an unobstructed view and the ones around the center – we added grid to create the look of a frame.

The Sunroom – Our Window Drawing

Thank goodness for the patience, experience and good spirit of our rough in crew.  Because these drawings are the exact drawings they got to frame in the walls along with rough opening sizes.




Sunroom Windows Framed

It was a good day when we finally placed the window order.  We proudly gave each other a high five, then dabbed the sweat off our brows and crossed our fingers.

Finally, they were all delivered – I held my breath as the carpenters installed each and every window, with fingers still crossed.

 Sunroom Windows Finished with Trim

At the end of that day – we raised our glasses to the radiant view out each and every window in celebration of each being a perfect fit!

 Then we did another high five as we admired the views.

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