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… a journey that began with a cabin in the woods

If we ever win the lottery, let’s buy an ocean front house.  One that is right on the water – no crossing the street, it would need to be right on the beach.  So if we forget our towel we can just run in the kitchen door to get it.  So close, we can smell when the burgers are ready to come off the grill.

To live by the water was for lottery winners and the rich and famous – by water I really meant the ocean.  Not to mention – ocean front property is hard to find in Missouri. (winking smiley emoji)   So – we decided to settle for “The Gulch”.

When we found this land – it had 2 small farm ponds and a creek, and of course the crooked little cabin.   And it had the absolute BEST place ever for our very own private Gulch!

The first thing we did to improve the property was to have this small lake built.  We knew exactly where we wanted it – because we knew exactly where we wanted the house…  someday.  The house would come a couple of years later.

We knew that we wanted the water to be east of the house.

You know – so we could wake up to the sun rising over the water everyday.  That was our dream.  That and winning the lottery.

It took 2 bulldozers 3 full weeks to get it done.  This was a very big hole… surface area is a full acre and it is 22 feet deep.

Then we waited….  We waited for the rains.  The rains came but it still wasn’t full.  That winter brought a lot of snow.  In the spring the snowmelt finally finished filling our “Gulch”.

The following spring we had 2,675 fish (mostly minnows & shiners) some sunfish and bluegill delivered. In the fall we got bass, crappie & catfish.

The Gulch has been the best part of living here.  It has provided some delicious meals, an abundance of fun and entertainment for us as well as our guests.  There have been several “First Fish” photos, a few skinny dippers (no photos)….  you know who you are…  and echoes of laughter.

We love to see the sparkling ripples in the moonshine.  I wish you could see it in person – pictures cannot capture the essence.

We are blessed with the sight of small waves dancing on a windy day, and in the fall, as the cooler temperatures take over, we see the steam rising in a mist.

And the sunrise, that glorious sunrise, when the brilliant pinks and reds reflect from the morning sky to the still water, that is our reminder that it’s going to be a great day!

We haven’t given up on winning the lottery, but this has become our dream.  It isn’t the ocean for sure.  But the delight that our Backyard Gulch brings to us every single day is priceless.

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  1. Maddy

    Ahhhhhh you designed every aspect of your home just right….the pictures of the sunrise over your lake (gulch) are spectacular……truly the best way to wake up to every new day

  2. Becky myers

    Have you thought to notify the realtor and previous property owner about your blog. If it were me I would feel so good that I sold a property that was appreciated in the way that you and George have transformed it to be your own and share it with the world.

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