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“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.” – Andy Rooney

This Christmas – seek out someone older, take time to talk to them, ask questions, drill down on the details.

When given a chance – you will find the history and knowledge that is incased in the elderly is far beyond anything you learned in a classroom.




I consider myself blessed to call someone from the greatest generation my friend.  She is in her mid eighties.  The lessons I have learned from her have changed my life.

Like this:

“You can’t believe everything you think.”

or this one,

“It isn’t up to us to fix everything.”

Go back and read those last lines again.  Let them soak in for a minute.  I am guessing she may have just changed your life too.


Once I told her I wished she would have been in my life when I was in my 20’s.

She wisely responded,

“You were not ready then.”  She’s right…  again!

She is soft spoken and slight in frame – she may be easy to overlook in a crowd.  When you see her, really see her, what you will find is a woman of brilliance and true grit,  A pioneer spirit to be admired.

This Christmas do yourself and your children a favor.  Sit down with your elderly Aunt Pearle, Uncle Walt or Grandma & Grandpa and ask them about their life, their first love, the jobs they have had, where they have lived, ask them to tell you a story of growing up, about their siblings & parents – watch their face light up at the thought that you are interested enough to ask.



Ask them about their wedding, their honeymoon, have them tell of a time when they amazed themselves!

If you let them know you are really interested – and ask questions – they will be delighted to relive their glory days.

I have created cards with questions to draw from to get the conversation started.



Two of my favorite questions are –

What is the best advise you didn’t take?


What is the best advise you would give a loved one?

What a great gift for them to know that they have made a bigger contribution to the Christmas gathering
than just making the gravy.


And always remember…  your children are watching…


Merry Christmas my friends
each and every one of you!
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  1. Becky myers

    A Relationship with a person requires a two way connection. You have also blessed your special friend with respect, love, and appreciation of her lifelong experiences. You are both blessed to know each other and I am fortunate to call you both a friend.

  2. Mary Kay

    When I went to my mother’s house the day after Christmas, I came across her scrapbook that she started when she was in high school. It’s in rough shape, and I asked her if I could restore it for her.
    Inside was a letter from her pen pal from Hawaii postmarked January 1945.
    Part of the letter, “Well did you read in the newspaper about Hawaii becoming a state? I’m doubtful about this matter. Do you think in your opinion Hawaii should or shouldn’t be a state?”

    I was able to talk to her about her high school days of over 70 years ago…priceless

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      That is such an awesome find! The stories that scrapbook holds will be a reminder to you and her of her youthful shenanigans!!

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