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Celebrations are our specialty.  A new haircut – Cheers!   The puppy went potty outdoors – Salud!  A full moon, a crescent moon, a shooting star, a sunset, the north wind, you get the idea…  Raise your glass to Celebrate LIFE.

We have fun experimenting with various drinks and have created some amazing concoctions.

You have hit the jackpot today my friends because I am sharing the best of those concoctions with you – just in time for you to impress your Christmas party guests.

You’re Welcome.

The Lodge Margarita

Mix together in a large pitcher

1 – 12 oz can of frozen limeade concentrate

using same can

1 to 1 1/2 can Tequila – adjust depending on your taste

1/2 can Triple Sec or other Orange Liquor

2 cans water

Rim glass with Lime & Margarita Salt

Pour over ice and garnish with lime

Warning – these are the best Margaritas – don’t let the good taste fool you!


The Chocolate Mint Muletini


*****  Note – measure your shot glass – ours are 1 shot = 2 oz  *****

Half Fill a cocktail shaker with ice

Add 3 oz of milk – we use 2%

2 oz of Creme de Cocoa

2 oz of Vodka

1 oz of Creme de Mint (use the clear one – the green tastes the same but the color is less appealing)

Shake Shake Shake – and pour through strainer into glass

Garnish with mint sprigs and/or chocolate bar shavings


Hot Peppermint Cocoa

Make hot chocolate like you normally do – I am into easy – Swiss Miss works great

add to each cup

1 oz Creme de Mint (clear)

2 oz Vodka

Garnish with marsh mellows and a small candy cane



Wild Turkey’s American Honey

Ummm…  Warmth from your freezer  – Yes, keep it in the freezer – smooth enough to drink straight.

Dog’s Breath Red

The ONE wine I have to mention is this one.

This is not our concoction – but Jim’s over at Traver Home Winery.

The name of this wine is irresistible to any dog lover – we love it and our guests love it.

You can check out the website here –

Tell Jim hello from the Lost Mule Lodge.

For more drink options, go to Pinterest – search Lost Mule Lodge and find my board Day Drinkin’.

*** Drink Responsibly ***

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