The Sunroom with the “Shaggy Cheek” Chairs

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Less is more.

This statement really hits the nail on the head in the case of our Sunroom. It is the smallest room in the house, but it packs the mightiest wallop.


The minute you step inside – you are surrounded by nature.  You will see the entire outdoors in every direction.  It was a white winter wonderland.  It was the first snowfall of the season.


I wish you were here so we could sit across from one another in those brown wicker chairs. As we are sipping our hot tea and watching the snowflakes slowly float to the ground – I would tell you the story about how we found these “Brown” wicker chairs.


They were on Craig’s List.  They were listed right under another ad for shower curtain hooks.   That ad read – 1 set of shower curtain hooks $3 – sure enough, the photo showed a set of shower curtain hooks – in use – on a shower curtain rod  (rod not included).


At this point in our conversation, I would be bent over laughing, slapping my knee and dabbing at the hot tea coming out my nose.  The thought that someone would place an ad for used shower curtain hooks would have us both cracking up!  Then I would tell you, “Wait, it gets better….”

As the snowflakes are composing a pristine blanket of white, I would be sure to let you know that I passed on those shower curtain hooks.

But the Craig’s List ad for those “Shaggy Cheek” wicker chairs was screaming my name!  Now, YOU are feeling the burn of the hot tea coming out your nose!


Yes! I can’t make this stuff up –  the ad read, “A pair of  Shaggy Cheek wicker chairs.”  The ad piqued my curiosity!

One could assume, this pair of wicker chairs was considered “Shaggy Cheek”  because of the color….  There they were – right there in the photo – the same HOT PINK that was popular in Junior High.



I would tell you with my arms waving in excited animation how we jumped in the pick up and raced to see them in person.

Sure enough, they were the most awesome pair of Hot Pink – Shaggy Cheek – wicker chairs I had ever seen!!


We loaded them up and brought them home….

Hot Pink Wicker Chairs…  meet our friend, Mr. Paint Gun!

It was a match made in heaven!

And now…  well, now they are the best seats in the house!

Not long ago, our sunroom looked like this.


And today it looks like this.  I would love to see your oohs and aahs in the comments!!!



If you are the one who placed the ad for the shower curtain hooks –

thanks for the laughs.


If you are the one who painted these “Shaggy Cheek” wicker chairs hot pink –

thanks for making them affordable.


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      Katie – I laughed so hard at this memory i had trouble seeing to type. Somehow I knew you, my blog sister, would like it!

  1. Mary Kay

    Laughing out loud! I had no idea those awesome chairs started out hot pink!
    This is my favorite room for all the wonderful reasons you shared. That view just beckons you in and makes you want to stay a long while 🙂


      Mary Kay – They were hot pink – but they were well made and affordable! Only the paint and the cushions were new. One day I will post about the “dishes” on our Junk Jaunt!!

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