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We know each other well enough by now for you to get invited into our bedroom.  It is not like we are strangers.

You know about our Junk Hunts and how our home is full of our estate sale treasures.  My hair twirling habit doesn’t seem to phase you.

You were even there to witness that time I licked the bruschetta off my arm – just before it dripped to my elbow. In case you forgot you can read about it here


It does seem a bit odd – as I sit here in my pink polka dot pajamas with the hole in the left knee, sipping my coffee – inviting the world into our bedroom.


We designed our home and we were our own contractors.

So, the things we felt were important enough to include were added to the plan – many times things were added as the work was being done.  

The Amish and Mennonite crews we hired were fabulous at working with us and their workmanship was amazing.

It was like they thrived on every challenge we threw at them, if they ever gave us the side eye, we never saw it!!


This is a list of the top five things we are happy we included in the design of our bedroom:

1. Closets – as in one for him and one for her….  gone are all those crazy ideas of making him a more organized person.  Keep his closet door closed and it is like “out of site out of mind” – this could be a marriage saver folks.

Oh, and the armoire in this photo…?  Let’s just say we are not the original owners.


2. Window Placement – Notice how our bed fits perfectly under and between those windows…  that was not an accident.


3. That weathered hat on that old rocker.  Okay, this is not a design item, but I just love it.  We still have a lot of decorating to do – but this is a good start.  The horizontal car siding on the East wall is gorgeous.

And just an FYI – See that beautiful patina on that old rocking chair?  Someone else loved it first.


4. Ceiling fan and light switches – The controls for the ceiling fan and the bedside lights are within reach while laying in bed.  So, if at 3am you wake up thinking someone dumped a bucket of water on you, just reach over and flip on the ceiling fan.


5. The Balcony facing East – Each morning – I throw those doors open to greet the new day like I am Scarlet O’Hara, rejoicing in the spectacular sunrise.


The balcony is cantilevered – so there are no posts to the ground.  This helps keep unwelcome critters from climbing up – nothing would destroy my alter ego – Scarlet O’Hara more than being woke up by a snarling raccoon sharing our bed.









I know you all love a good before & after!!



Now that you have seen our bedroom,  I am going to share my pink polka dot pajamas with you. On this particular day I wore them outdoors in the snow to let my ladies (aka hens) out of the coop.  They are the softest cotton, roomy and very worn.

Scarlet would love them.






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      I have to agree with you about #5 being the favorite. My mornings wouldn’t be the same without it!! Thank you for always taking time out of your busy life to read my little blog. I always appreciate your sweet comments.

  1. Mary "Jones"

    Teresa, I always knew YOU and “George” (the man of your dreams) (and probably of many other women’s dreams if the truth were known… ;-)) were AMAZING, personable, kind, warm hearted, fun, and of course the “perfect” couple, with an UNBELIEVABLE “beginning” story (!!!) and the journey just continues!!! I come here to read your blog and it brings a smile of beauty to my soul because your soul shines with simplicity, grandeur, talent, peace, and the uncanny perfect prose for everyone to read and enjoy! Thank you Teresa and George for the stately beauty you’ve hand crafted into this world called a home. You’ve allowed others to dare to dream their own dream and relish in the beauty of your God given talents. Thank you for allowing us to share in your joy through this blog!!! We cherish the wonderful memories and are humbly blessed to call you friends!!! Love and hugs to you both!


      Dear Mrs. Jones – aka Mary! I hope you are okay with me framing a copy of your comment above and placing on our wall for everyone to see!! You are an inspiration and you and “Little Stevie” share a remarkable story of your own… Our memories of seeing so much of this beautiful country together are forever in our hearts. Thank you so much for your very kind words.

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