As We Were Stuffing the Thanksgiving Hot Dog…

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At some point I learned to give up the pursuit of perfection.  Now, I am finding the beauty of imperfections.  We all hope that others will learn to embrace our own imperfections.

The Holiday’s are not always perfect.   There are loved ones who are missed, and the annual game of Spades that becomes the friendly holiday Beat Down!  Life is not perfection.


There was the mysterious toy screwdriver flying through our sunroom.  Soon to be followed by the red plastic pliers.  And that afternoon when more than a dozen empty candy wrappers were found – not so well hidden – behind the sofa.

That same rambunctious little boy who, just a moment ago was walking across our leather sofa was now gently caressing and loving on our oldest living family member (oldest in dog years).  This is imperfection at its finest!


I hope they embrace that I am not the perfect GiGi who greets them in a gingham apron with homemade cookies and milk,  but the GiGi with her own imperfections – the GiGi with the spirit of a Wild Banshee.   I want them to treasure the memory of the wind in our faces as we raced the dogs on the 4 wheeler, literally riding “over the river and through the woods”, shrieking with excitement!


I hope they will remember the thrill of swinging on a vine while hiking in the woods…  or climbing trees & rolling down hills with their Grandpa until they were too dizzy to stand.


I hope they remember ringing that kitchen bell to get everyones full attention as they make their many, “I am Thankful for….” announcements.

I hope we all call to mind the countless times they were thankful for their Grandpa and their GiGi.  I want them all to know how my heart turns to mush and how I want to wrap my arms around them in protection and love.  I want them to know that I hope and pray that no harm ever comes to them.


Gone is the desire for the apple pie with the perfect lattice crust.  Now I see the apple pie with the lattice strips in a heap, made by tiny hands.  A cherished imperfection.


A generation ago there really was a Thanksgiving with hot dogs.  That menu has turned into a humorous story adding to the holiday memories.  It is all in the attitude.

At the end of our 5 blissful days, we watched as they drove out our lane – we came inside our quiet home and instantly knew that we would miss them, all of them, the ones who were here and the ones who were not.


Special thanks to our Daughter & her family for another awesome visit

and to our Son & his family for being here in spirit – you were all missed.


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  1. Mary Kay

    Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was wonderful! You are creating such wonderful memories for your grandchildren.
    They will always remember such a special place as yours…where love and laughter are the norm, imperfections are embraced, and life is way more fun :))


      Thank you Mary Kay – It was a great 5 days for all of us, The only thing that was missing was the other 2 grandkids. As you know, this is the reason we built this place!

  2. Maddy

    Love your imperfections….and eslecially LOVED the pie made by tiny hands…besides having all the special memories they will always have hidden in their hearts they will also have your blogs to read read and reread.Heirlooms at there finest!

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