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Everything I want I already have, in other words – I have enough.  But that was not always the case.  Not so long ago I felt I needed that Coach purse WITH the matching wallet to bring me happiness… until I saw the UGG boots with the cute furry lining, followed by the pink cashmere sweater.  The want list was never ending – I was guilty of buying things we really could not afford, searching for some silver lining. Then we moved into our crooked little cabin, storing about 98% of our “stuff”.  We became minimalist because our crooked little cabin only allowed space for the necessities.  My life became so easy.


When going outside, there was no decision on which coat to wear.  I would just grab my ONLY coat and go. I began to love the simplicity of having so little.  By removing the clutter,  I was able to focus on the simple things that gave me true happiness.

Now, I am overwhelmed with gratitude every. single. day. My man, my kids, my friends, a breeze, the sunrise, the fact that I feel good, really good, all these things bring me pure joy.


A couple of weeks ago, I suggested to a fellow blogger that she write a post about gratitude….  She crafted a 7 days of gratitude challenge for her readers.  I took the challenge and found myself writing about the simple everyday things that bring joy to my days, things that are often overlooked.

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I present to you, my 7 days of pure gratitude.


Day 1 – Everyday I wake up, step out onto our balcony saying,  “Wow…  you have got to get up and see this sunrise! The colors in the sky are amazing.”  To wake up to that view everyday is truly a blessing.

Day 2 – MUSIC. I picked Music because it stirs the soul.  Music has no boundaries. Every culture has great music.  The African beat can make the body move with such uninhibited joy. Country and good old rock takes us to our “Glory Days” like they were yesterday. And Motown, has a way of making us all feel like Rock Stars. Our home is filled with wall to wall music – everyday. I am grateful for all those who make beautiful music.


Day 3 – Our doors being flung WIDE OPEN to let the fresh breeze fill our home. On this particular day I was enjoying the breeze throughout the house as I sang along to Ben E. King’s “This Magic Moment”. And the best thing was that singing at the top of my lungs didn’t disturb anyone. My neighbors should be grateful they live so far away!

Day 4 – Our dogs.They make me a better person.  Because of them I get outside more.  They are convinced I am a good cook.  When I look at my dogs I can actually feel the serotonin kick in. Their unconditional love is overwhelming.



Day 5 – The wind – I feel most alive when the wind is in my face.  That can be the gentle breeze I feel when sitting on our dock, or the 70mph blast of wind from riding our Harley, I love wind. It gives me faith in things I cannot see.

Day 6  – Our neighbors – Our neighbors are few but the knowledge and generosity they have shared with us is a blessing.  When you live in a secluded area, there is great security in having good neighbors.


Day 7 – I am truly grateful for the people in my life who have taught me who NOT to be – because of them – I am a better person, and that makes me grateful.

Bonus – I am so grateful for my feet and all the places they carry me everyday.

I hope this post helps you enjoy some of life’s more simple pleasures, a sunrise, beautiful music, and the unconditional love your dog has for you. Show your neighbor you appreciate them with a friendly wave and a smile.


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  1. Mary Kay

    What a beautiful post TP…it’s so easy to dwell on our problems and forget our blessings. Thank you for the reminder AND the pictures of my favorite four-legged duo.

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