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Can we still be friends if I tell you we are Junk Addicts?  Garage Sales, Flea Markets, Estate Sales and Antique Malls, all those items just waiting for a fresh start.  We call these shopping trips our junk hunts.  Try not to judge us.  Our junk hunts have proved to produce incredible pieces that have a story, not to mention some of our best entertainment has come from these junk hunts.

On one of our junk hunts, we were having the time of our lives when we came upon a solid wood fireplace mantle – and to our delight it had some scratches from a prior life.  We were in ecstasy!  We knew exactly what it was about to become in our new home, and it had nothing to do with a fireplace.

Then we stopped for some BBQ – it was a perfect day!!


2 years ago in another land…

Prior to selling our old house, we updated our bathroom, replacing a huge mirror with 2 smaller ones.  We were never really sure how to dispose of such a giant mirror.

We just knew we had to avoid that whole 13 years of bad luck thing.  So like most stuff, we kept it… and very carefully moved it here.  Storing it until we found a use for it in our new home.


When we found that old wooden fireplace mantle – we knew we had just hit the jackpot!  It would be the perfect frame for that huge mirror on our stair landing.  After 2 years in storage, we were happy we kept that huge mirror.


This fireplace mantle is made with 2 shelves, if it were on a fireplace it would be like having a double mantle.  It is massive and it is heavy.

Lifting it 12 feet up was not an easy task for one man.  This project needed some real ingenuity.

The mirror we could lift – But the mantle piece was way too heavy to lift so my husband built the board “ramps” to inch it up to the top of the mirror.  This was a challenge – not only did we have to raise it – we had to keep it from bumping the mirror.

Once he got the top secured in place- he had to build the sides and bottom to frame the mirror and find a stain to match the top portion.   The sconce lights are a perfect fit on each side.


We both love the thrill of the hunt.  With each treasure we find – we dream and scheme how we could re-create items into something unique.  Not every finished product is fabulous, but this one turned out pretty awesome.




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      Hey Vicki – I have learned something new about you! Thank you so much for reading and leaving comments on our site. It is always nice to hear from you.

  1. Katie

    Love love love! It adds such marvelous depth to your staircase. Plus the added bonus of nobody being able to sneak up on you!


      Thanks Katie! another bonus to this mirror is that I can stand in my kitchen and see the downstairs!! The problem is that I need a ladder to clean it!! Thank you for reading and taking time to comment on our blog!


      Mary Kay – You were with me when we saw a huge mirror on a landing in one of the model homes… remember? And I talked about how beautiful it was and how I wanted to do that in my next home… Boom! Did it.

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