The Outdoor Shower – aka, Redneck Riviera

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…a Journey that began with a Cabin in the Woods


I bet you are rolling your eyes right now – I can almost hear you thinking… she’s lost it…  she inserted the wrong photo.

If this is a post about the Redneck Riviera (outdoor shower) why is there a photo of a snowy wooded path?

To borrow a common phrase from Game of Thrones  – “Winter is coming…”  And we must prepare.

And come on – face it, don’t you just love that photo?  That pristine winter wonderland is actually a photo of our driveway last year, looking stunning in all its snowy glory.

Minus the dog, trust me on this, she is not pristine.

Even if winter is your least favorite season. Even if you don’t own a snow shovel or an ice scraper.  Even if you consider yourself a cat person.    You have to love a post that starts with a photo like that!


Before the snow flakes start to fall we must prepare for the season by doing the dreaded chore of


We cannot ignore it.  We are not Winterfell – but we do get freezing temperatures and if not prepared –  broken pipes – so we must get everything ready.

Closing up the Redneck Riviera (the outdoor shower) is just one step of our process.



The garden hoses must be disconnected, drained and put away.  We have to winterize our Crooked Little Cabin.  Everything liquid must be brought inside.

And our Ladies in the hen house, they are going to need heat on their waterer.



If you are faced with freezing temperatures and winterizing –  I hope you will use that photo as a reminder that winter isn’t so bad.

And winter will be at our doorsteps soon.

So we might as well find the beauty, cozy up with your favorite throw.

Put an extra marshmellow in that hot chocolate.  Get the crock pot out for some real down home comfort food.

Embrace the winter season. It will only be a few short months before spring will arrive.


As soon as we see the birds flying back to the north, and the tulips popping up – our windows will be flung open, and our summer rituals will resume – including showering in our Redneck Riviera again!


Remember to set your clocks back this weekend.

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