Indian Shadows Guest Room & the Almost Famous Bunkbeds

Lost Mule Lodge

… a Journey that Began with a Cabin in the Woods


The vote is in, the award for the most popular room at Lost Mule Lodge goes to…


The Indian Shadows Guest Room!

But why THIS room?

Could it be the ridiculously soft, downy feather mattress and comforter that wrap you in warmth and comfort…?

Perhaps it is the deep woodsy view from those windows overhead…?


Maybe, just maybe it is the mysterious concerto that seeps in those windows at sundown…?

Or, the echo of booming thunder as it bounces from one ridge top to the next through the hollows…?

Some claim to have seen Shadows of Indian Spirits dancing through the woods in the moon light.


Could it be those Almost Famous Bunkbeds with all that rustic appeal…?

Or maybe it is the allure of breaking the rules by getting to write your name on the ceiling…?

Sleeping all night in that top bunk wins you the privilege of writing your name on the ceiling!

So all those who come after you, will know….



I think that must be it. What is it about breaking rules that adds spice to our lives? Writing your name on our ceiling is a cause for celebration!

But without those Almost Famous Bunkbeds, there would be no names on the ceiling.

These bunkbeds were an adventure in themselves.


This was not our first rodeo on the Home Building Circuit.

When we were designing the Lodge we spent a couple of years doing research. We would drive for days visiting the Parade of Home Tours.

On Pinterest, we created boards and pinned like lunatics!

Hours were spent exploring everything cabin or lodge or rustic in the multitude of photos on Houzz.

Just about everything built into the Lodge is a result of that research.

Including these “Almost Famous” bunkbeds!


Our littlest visitors have always been a high priority, so these bunkbeds were one of the things we could not live without.

We drew the space into the floor plan, gave the carpenters the exact dimensions for an absolute perfect fit.

Even the lights were strategically placed so each sleeper could reach his own light switch.

It is interesting to see how empowering it can be for a little one to have control of their own light switch.


Of all the things we have built into our home, these bunk beds are the most popular.

The Indian Shadows Guest Room wins the most “ooo’s” and “awe’s”.

These little ones never seem to notice that our floors are still just concrete, or if they do notice – they never complain!


We are still a work in progress – this winter we hope to have flooring, and maybe even some baseboard!

Be sure to watch for the Post Featuring the Indian Shadows Guest Bath – Coming Soon!

Full Disclosure: votes were cast by our visitors who are not of legal voting age!


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  1. Mary Kay

    This room is beautiful and those bunkbeds are amazing!!
    You have created such a wonderful space for young and old(er) alike.
    Such a fun idea…autographs on the ceiling :))

  2. Katie

    Loved seeing the before and after of those awesome bunk beds. I may be a bit partial but this room is my favorite also. Plus I loved reading the magical way you described it.

  3. Maddy

    We have gotten the privilege of sleeping in this very comfortable Indian Shadows bedroom a few times. We have heard the thunder rolling and the comforting night sounds,, One of our grandchildren have their names permanently engraved on the ceiling over the top bunk…this room is the reason why I go to bed early and get up late at the LML.


    Thank you all for the kind words about our Indian Shadows Guest Room – When we were designing and building we thought for sure the Moonshine Guest Room would be the most popular room, due to the private patio, etc. I am just happy both rooms have fans – thank you all again for reading and taking time to comment.


      Judy – they love it! And years from now it is my hope that they will still love seeing their names and sharing the memories.

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