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I have a confession.  There is a commercial on TV that plays that old song….  “A Lion Sleeps Tonight”, by the Tokens.  (Wimoweh, Wimoweh)

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I hear that song –


my world stops spinning, my feet start dancing and I start belting out the words like I am the sixth Token.  In my heart, my harmony is purely amazing.  But in my head I know I cannot sing a single note.

For that euphoric moment I truly think I am capable of anything.


That is the same feeling I have when I start a project.

That voice that speaks from my heart says – “Giiirrrrrlll…  You got this!”  But in my head, I am all to aware that nothing is as easy as it looks.


In elementary school I had a teacher who would tell us to hang our coats in the “Cloakroom”,  This “room” was just an offset wall with a row of  hooks.  She made this announcement each morning, and after every recess for an entire school year.

The Cloakroom.  The name stuck, even though it is not officially a room.


The first one I saw in a home was on the Parade of Homes tour.  To have one of these in a home is the best thing to come along since sliced bread.


Apparently, a lot of others agreed, because many new homes are now adorned with the prized Cloakroom.  An out of the way space to hang coats with very little effort.  All that stuff that used to land on the kitchen table or on the entryway floor, now has its own space.


This is the greatest thing we have ever had in any house. Ever.  We hide all kinds of stuff here, our muck boots, gloves, hats, scarves.

And our chore coats hang on the hooks like ornaments.


It did take longer than expected to finish this project… As usual my head always seems to know when a project is going to be harder than it looks.  But it was worth the wait!

Inventor of the Cloakroom – You are my HERO!

Cheers to the Tokens for an amazing & timeless song!

Did you notice?   That white steel door going out to the garage?  It turned a brilliant shade of rustic red.  Take another look!





Before and After  Cloakroom – side by side.

One more completed project at the Lodge.


Enjoy your weekend!

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