Moonshine Guest Room


Lost Mule Lodge
…a journey that began with a cabin in the woods


In the past 2 years we have enjoyed the company of 151 overnight guests, all friends and family, all sizes and ages and a few repeats.

All of them have been fantastic…  well….  with one exception… Creepy Uncle Ken….  he still claims his innocence.

Many of those guests have seen the beams of moonlight that shine through these doors.

Others have indulged in a different type of Moon Shine.  Some have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed both.


Either way it is awesome having a place to bring family and friends together.  Being a planner is my nature,  so getting to plan the meals and activities for everyone is almost as fun as the actual visit!

Entertaining at home has become our social life and our passion.


One of these days – our guests will have the pleasant surprise of waking up to real flooring and actual baseboards.   Did I mention we are still a work in progress?

There are no plans for a TV or any clocks in the guest rooms.  What guests do enjoy are stunning views, fresh air, the sounds of owls, coyotes, frogs and crickets, a soft bed that is heaping with quilts, a spectacular sunrise followed by a hearty breakfast with farm fresh eggs.


We do have one rule….  One rule that everyone must agree to is….

No Judging!

In keeping with the good karma of the Lodge – we encourage everyone to feel free to do whatever they want to do.

That includes sipping a mimosa at 9am, or letting those pasty white legs shine… It’s all good!

And now thanks to Creepy Uncle Ken we have to add a second rule –

Don’t Break the Law!




Star gazing from the dock is pretty awesome, take in a midnight swim or roast some marshmallows over the bonfire.

We definitely encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone – that seems to be when the best memories are made.

Creepy Uncle Ken isn’t really so bad… As long as we keep sharp objects out of his reach,   And matches, don’t let him near any matches.

The Moon Shine Guest Room pairs nicely with the Moon Shine Bath from a previous post.

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  1. Becky

    Your descriptions and photos tell a truly interesting story. I think it is an amazing accomplishment that you and George visualized the details of your home and then put it all together one stone at a time, one piece of lumber at a time and one paint brush stroke at a time etc. There is something besides moonshine that shines through the whole house. There is a contentment with knowing if people have a vision and do the hard work – something will change. I’m sure your guests feel their own change after a visit called rejuvenation.

  2. Molly

    I have been a happy guest in that moonshine room; my favorite memory in there is our entire family (6 total) curling up on that bed with hot cocoa watching The Polar Express!


    YOU my dear Molly – You and your beautiful family were our very first guests!!! That visit was the Christening – the Maiden Voyage for launching the Lodge on its journey to many fun filled visits from so many wonderful guests!

  4. Mary Kay

    I love this room! Makes me sigh with pleasure every time I see it.That view is amazing no matter what time of day or night it is…and the wake up committee is very cute too :))
    Your pictures are beautiful! You have captured the essence of your very special home.

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