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YES – that IS a Bluebird outside our kitchen window, he is admiring that AMAZING kitchen sink.

I have always favored simplicity and those who know me best would tell you I am easily entertained.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

I have been known to enter a state of delirium with the purchase of a new salad spinner.

But every girl has BIG dreams.  My big dreams were kept in a little box.  Then when we were designing this kitchen, we opened that little box and said, “let’s do this!”


First, we had to have a pantry.  We had never had a pantry before, but when you live this far from town you need a place to store food, right?


Next we decided on a fireplace in the kitchen, because in rural America, it is common for the electricity to go out – and you never know  how long it will be out, and keeping warm is important.


Then, I splurged and got the sink I always wanted, because to me, this was the most beautiful sink on the planet.

So after designing and building this kitchen, we felt it had everything we would ever need.


Now, I look around our kitchen and think of all the activities that have happened in here. All the times friends and family have gathered, the stories that are shared and the laughter that fills the rafters.  I am so grateful we opened that little box of big dreams.


It was in this kitchen that I taught the kids to be patient by dunking an Oreo cookie into a cup of cold milk and leaving it there to the count of 10.  They all agreed it was worth the wait.  Then I convinced them that bologna can actually taste pretty good if it is fried just right.


Once a simple Mexican dinner turned into a spontaneous night of homemade guacamole, Margaritas and Salsa Dancing to the beat of Latin music.


We have learned to go ahead and invite people over – even if the crown molding isn’t finished, and yes, the light over that gorgeous sink is still temporary.  We have also learned to use the “good stuff”.  I was reminded by an elderly friend that,

“it is better to wear it out than to let it rust out.”

Instead of storing the Good Stuff for those special occasions, we have learned that it isn’t the date on the calendar that makes a day special, it is what you do with each day.  So it is okay to use the good stuff on a Tuesday!


When we were almost finished building this glorious kitchen with all the stonework, the fireplace, the awesome sink and everything we ever wanted in a kitchen, it still needed life.  So we filled it with the music and the laughter of friends and family –

Only then did it become beautiful.


There were dinners for two with wine we considered a great vintage from the 2 Buck Chuck selection.

And there was one time this kitchen was standing room only.

It is in these moments, these glorious moments that just for a second, I take a step back, inhale a deep breath and just soak it all in – I observe our family, our friends – our people – all of them our tribe – all of them enjoying our home –

For these moments are the Glorious Dreams that filled that Little Box.


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  1. Emily

    I just love reading these Teresa! You have a way with words and your home has certainly givdn you great inspiration. Can’t wait to come back for a visit and see all of the changes from a year ago!!


      Thank you Emily – Your family is welcome back anytime. Let’s not let another summer escape us with a visit!

  2. Maddy

    Having the privilege of getting to spend some time in your kitchen on a few special occasions,and knowing the warm fuzziness we feel when we are their sitting at the kitchen bar with the fireplace behind us and the window over your very special kitchen sink,and seeing your twos beautiful smiles smiling back at us while serving up whatever it is you are serving at that meal…well it just plain warms me up from head to toe…..💚

  3. Saw your post in 73 ladies. You have created a very special beautiful place! I’m so happy for you. Looks like heaven on earth and I’m sure everyone that is lucky enough to visit you two are very fortunate. Great job!

  4. Mary Kay

    I have never shared your kitchen with lots of people, usually just you and me and George…and my other favorite pups on the earth.
    The feeling of peace I get when I sit at that island, enjoying the view, sharing good conversation, and a glass of wine (or whatever delicious concoction you’ve made) …can not be measured.


      Mary Kay – YOU GET IT! You feel it too! The whole property just has a good feel. And it doesn’t matter how many people are here, it is the the guests that make it shine, if it be 1 guest or a dozen!

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