A Really “Great” Room


Lost Mule Lodge

…a Journey that Began with a Cabin in the Woods


Play along with me for a minute…  I will be Teresa and You be You…

Ding dong……


Teresa opening the front door:  “Oh my gosh – We are so happy you’re here!!!  You look amazing in that color!!”  Hug – Hug “Welcome!  Come inside. What can I get you?  We have some hot cider, some wine or ….”

You:  “I can only stay for a minute, I just had to stop by to see your living room, and yes, I would love some wine, thank you so much!  Oh my gosh…. your home is amazing!”

Right on cue, George enters the room…  standing all proud and grinning from ear to ear…


To George’s delight – we all take a moment to look up at the beams in admiration.

Teresa, while handing out glasses of wine:  “Would you like some bruschetta with your wine?”

You: “Thank you – this looks good, what’s on it?”

Teresa:  “French dressing and goat cheese and walnuts – be careful they may still be warm from the broiler.”

You: “These are really good – thank you.”

Teresa’s silent thoughts: am I being overly excited?  I am – I just know I am – I can feel my heart racing…  Rein it in a bit Teresa….


You:  “and look at that view!”

Teresa: “We call that view our Big Screen!!”

We all walk over to take a look out the open doors and all three of us instinctively take in a deep breath as we soak in the sights of the sparkling water, the green hillside and beyond.


You taking a sip of wine: “It is beautiful here.  That is an interesting beveled glass window….”

Teresa’s silent thoughts: I hope I got all the spots off that glass… 

Teresa:  “Yes, we got that from Craig’s List – the seller claims that it came from a 200 year old church out East.  We got 2 of them, this one and the other one is in the sunroom.  Have a seat.”

You: “Wow, 200 years old, huh?”

Teresa: “Yes, that’s what they said. More bruschetta?”

You: “Yes, thank you – this is great wine by the way. That is an awesome fireplace!  That mantel is really nice.”


George:  “That mantle was a dead oak on the back of the property, I cut it down and made the mantel.  Notice the worm holes…?”

You:  “That is so cool that you cut it from the property.  It looks great.  George, you are pretty handy.”

George with his blue eyes twinkling: “Thank you, I love doing that kind of stuff.”


You: “This place really looks like a Lodge, what made you decide to build this type of home?”

Teresa: “We have always loved the Lodge look, the warm rustic feel, with lots of stone and natural elements.  The laid back country lifestyle seems to suit us best.  We totally get that this lifestyle is not for everyone.  One of our guests expressed that being so far from a Target store or a mall would never work for them.  But for us, there is no place we would rather call home.  It has been our dream for as long as we can remember.  We love showing it off and are so happy that you like it.”


You standing to leave: “Thank you so much for the wine and this delicious bruschetta. You have built a gorgeous home. Thank you for sharing it with me.”


Teresa:  “We enjoyed your visit – Thank you for coming, you are always welcome.  Next time we hope you can stay longer.”

You turning to walk out the door:  “I would love that – bye now.”


George closes the door and then turns to face Teresa:  “That was really nice, I liked her a lot, such a classy lady.”

Teresa, licking the last of the bruschetta off her arm before it reaches her elbow: “Yes, I liked her too.”


Special Thanks to

Molly Vizzuett

for the bruschetta recipe


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    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Marsha, Marsha, Marsha – where have you been? Jesse and I miss you! Thank you for the photo compliment!! And Thank you for taking time to read our blog!

  1. Maddy

    Yes the last line is you…thru and thru! How fun for you to get to share all of you and George’s experiences with us and let your personality shines too…very fun read😊

  2. Mary Kay

    So much fun to read and everything looks beautiful! You have found your design niche and I’m so glad you’re sharing it :))

    • teresa.peters@live.com

      Wow! I am honored that you – my decorating fanatic bestie – are giving it your seal of approval! Thank you so much!

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